Stephanie Evans was the innocent young girl. She seemed to have the perfect life. Great in school, shy, and the perfect child to her parents. Her parents have been planning to move to Bradford so her father can get a good job. Stephanie has to say good bye to her friends back home and leave the school she loved. She expects nothing good from this move and hates having to leave. Would she have found herself falling in love with a boy who was the complete opposite of her ? Zayn malik comes into her life and makes upon on her innocence. Will she actually develop feelings for this Bradford bad boi & fall in love ? Read to find out in INNOCENCE.


6. First Day

I woke up and looked at the clock. I am half an hour early. I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and put on deodorant. I got out the shower and looked through my closet for my uniform. I found it and laid out on the bed. My uniform wasn't so bed actually it was sort of cute. We were allowed to wear any white polo and chose my white hollister polo with the navy blue brand sign, navy blue skater girl skirt, shirt tucked in, navy blue knee high socks, brown low boot shoes, and a navy blue westwards hollister sweater. I finished changing and sat at my makeup desk. I looked at myself if the mirror and wondered what to do with my hair. 

Should I do some fancy hairstyle? Casual ponytail? Usual messy bun? After a while of thinking I decided on curled hair and a floral knotted headband. I finished curling my brown hair and put on the knotted headband. I decided not to put so much make up and went with the sort of natural look. Glossy peach lips, light mascara, and some foundation. I rubbed my lips together and stood up to look in the mirror. I was pretty pleased. Hopefully I make a good impression on my first day. 

I finished up my Cheerios and checked my phone for messages.

"Hey, on my way to school! Are you at your new school yet?" Alina texted a few minutes ago.

"No not yet just finished breakfast dad is driving me to school in a minute" I texted back. I put the bowl and spoon in the sink and turned on the water to quickly rinse the bowl then turned it off. My phone vibrates.

"Send me a picture o-"

"Morning" my dad sings.
"Mornin" I reply back.
I look back at my phone to finish reading. My dad drinks his coffee and reads his tablet.

"Send me a picture of the uniform :D?! Lol" I laugh.

"Y ?" 

"Just send it I wanna see it!
Pls" I sign.

"Dad, Alina wants to see my uniform can you snap a pic?" I ask my dad and he turns his head up away from the tablet and to me.
"Sure" he smiles.

I stand near the window so the light can shine a little and brighten the picture. The sun really brings out my eyes. I put on hand on my hip and bend a knee, I tilt my head to the left and smile showing teeth. 

"Say cheese" my dad jokes. 
"Cheeseeee" I say then go back to smiling. 


I put my hand out so he can hand me the phone but he takes out his iphone.

"One for daddy?" He grins.
"Fine" I sign laughing.
I go back to the same position and smile widely. He takes the picture.

"Beautiful princess" he smiles. He gives me my phone and kisses my forehead. I smile. I send Alina the picture he took on my phone. My dad grabs the keys and we walk out to the driveway.

"Excited?" He asks. We buckle up. I look out the passenger seat window.
"What's up?"
"Just nervous thats all" I say normally.
"You'll do fine" 
"I wish Austy was in this school" I turn to look at him and he smirks. I send him a confused look. I turn back to the window and continue to look out. The car stops few minutes later infront of a house. 

"Dad?" I ask turning to him looking completely confused. He smiles. Seconds later the back door opens and Austin hops in.

My face lights up "Austy!" I squeal. I unbuckle the seatbelt and get into the back with him. I hug him and he laughs. "You ready for school ?" "Yes!" I say smiling widely. Having Austin in the same school as me reliefs me. I suddenly wasn't as nervous as before.


We arrived at school. 
"Alright have fun" 
"Thanks uncle C" 
"Thanks dad" I kiss my dad on the cheek and hug him from behind his seat. 
"Bye hun" I get out the car and Austin is standing waiting for me on the sidewalk. Before I walked towards him my dad calls for me. 

He signals me to come to him. I walk up to the window. He pulls out his wallet and hands me 40 bucks. "Lunch might be nasty or you might some pizza or whatever after school" he smiles. "20 for you 20 for Austin deal?" 
"Deal" I laugh. "Bye dad love ya" "bye". I walk to Austin and hand him the 20 bucks. 

"Dad said split it" 
 "Thanks" I smile at him in reply. We walk inside the school and he leads me to the office. He walks up to the desk. "My cousin is new here" "name" the lady asks kindly. "Stephanie Evans" I reply and she smiles. "Perfect grades miss Evans enjoy your time here" she hands me a time table with all my class schedules and my locker number. She smiles and me and Austin walk out. I look at the paper and I have math first. 

"What do you have first?"
"Perfect me to"
I smile and we I follow him to look for my locker. 
"60...63....64....68...and...70!" He smiles clapping his hands. I open the locker and pull my blue backpack with white polka dots and white lace pockets. I open my bag and take out my pencils, pens, and big notebook that has built in folders inside. I put my bag inside and follow Austin to math. We walk in and all eyes are on us. The nerves come quick. "Hellooo" the teacher says smiling and looking at me and Austin. 
"I know you mister but afraid I haven't seen you before miss.." "Stephanie" I finish her sentence replying. She smiles again. "Ah, Stephanie" " welcome to math class I am mrs.clark" she walks to her desk and scans the room. "I believe you know mister Collins?" "Yes miss we are related" he says seriously looking at someone directly while answering the teacher for me. I look over to who he was looking at and noticed a boy looking at me smirking. He was tan, had beautiful hazel eyes, dark hair styled up into a quiff, and a white polo with the sleeves pushed up. He definitely was fit. Strong arms that I couldn't help but stare at. He was beautiful. And looking at me... 
I quickly got embarrassed. What was he thinking? Why was Austin looking at him as if he was trying to tell him something? Was he making fun of me in his thoughts. I quickly looked at the teacher and she was scanning the room again. Austin's jaw clenched when he noticed me staring at Zayn. The teacher then looked up at us and told me my seat was next to Austin. We sat in the two desked table front of the beautiful boy who was looking at me. We sat down and got settled for math. "You okay?" I noticed he was upset. "Yeah" he lied. Whenever he lied he would tap his foot nervously. I brushed it off and the teacher began the lesson. The bell rand and class finished. "What do you have next?" "Art" "dang, I have bio" I frowned. "After art?" "Science" he smiled. "Good me to see you then" he walked out of class while I gathered my things. The teacher gave me a math textbook and papers during class so that is what I am gathering. I neatly placed the papers in the math section folder of the large notebook. I felt the table weigh down a tad and looked up to the beautiful boy from the beginning of the class leaning on it smirking at me.
"New?" He asked cooly.
"Yeah" I smiled awkwardly.
"Zayn" he grinned.
"Alright see ya around Stephanie" he winked. Did he just wink? I froze in place as he walked out chuckling. I picked up my notebook and pens and walked out the door looking for art. I can't believe he winked at me. Was it a friendly gesture ? Or was he flirting? Maybe that's the thing in England ? Oh well a wink is a wink. I shouldn't take it to seriously. I tried to brush it off but I just can't get it off of my mind. 

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