Stephanie Evans was the innocent young girl. She seemed to have the perfect life. Great in school, shy, and the perfect child to her parents. Her parents have been planning to move to Bradford so her father can get a good job. Stephanie has to say good bye to her friends back home and leave the school she loved. She expects nothing good from this move and hates having to leave. Would she have found herself falling in love with a boy who was the complete opposite of her ? Zayn malik comes into her life and makes upon on her innocence. Will she actually develop feelings for this Bradford bad boi & fall in love ? Read to find out in INNOCENCE.


25. Crazy, stupid, love.

"How do you know Zayn Malik?"

I hesitated to answer.

"I-I'm his girlfriend" I said then looking down at my hands. I looked up to see the man with widen eyes.

"What?" I said confused.

"Nothing..." He snapped out of his 'shock' and led me into a room. I heard loud pounding and grunts. My heart raced and my stomach went nuts. I've never been to a place like this and I regret coming. 

"Someone's hear to see you Malik" the man said loudly. I stepped in front of him and saw Zayn shirtless throwing punches at someone. I guess he's training Zayn. I placed my bag on the bench next to me and the chains made a sound. Zayn jerked his head towards me and when he saw me he looked absolutely pissed. The guy punched Zayn. 

"Shit" he muttered.

"Focus !" 

Zayn threw his gloves on the mat and went under the ropes. The man who was training Zayn looked irritated that Zayn stopped and when he saw me he understood.  

"What the fuck are you doing here?" He yelled pushing me up against a wall. 

"Get off me!" I tried pushing him away but Zayn is obviously bigger.

"Answer my question!" 

"I could ask you the same question!" I yelled in his face.

"Are you crazy? Do you not know how dangerous it is for you to be here!? I barely trust half the people here Stephanie! What the fuck were you thinking!"

"Zayn!" The guy in the ring scolded.

"Fuck off Matt!" 

Tears streamed down my face. Tears of anger, regret, and heart break. He's mad at me? My boyfriend, the person who should love me has me pinned against a wall yelling in my face. The person I should trust is training for some fight that could possibly lead to death but never told me. He's mad at me?

"I hate you!" I screamed and pushed him away. 

I was about to walk off but anger rushed all over me.

"You know Zayn, fuck you! You never tell me anything! You run off without a word and have me worried sick all the time. You are the shittiest boyfriends ever. I regret loving you so god damn much. You scare the shit out of me! I admit it. I try to lie to myself and convince myself other wise but you do" 
I cried and tears fell uncontrollably down. 

Matt's face softened and looked at me sympathetically. 

For the first time ever Zayn looked hurt and helpless. A tear rolled downed his cheek and his jaw was clenched. He punched the brick wall and stormed out the room. 

I stood there crying.

"You didn't mean it" the guy I learned name's mike said. I shook my head.

"You love him" he jumped over the romped and onto the ground. "He loves you". He said then walked to doors across the large room. 

I turned and ran through the open door to find Zayn. I heard glass shattering to the ground and ran towards the noise. I stopped in front of a door. 

I heard Zayn yelling and multiple items being thrown around. I hesitated to open the door and face the monster Zayn rarely shows. Without knowing what I was doing I swung open the door and saw Zayn knocking things down. I slowly walked in.

"Zayn" I tried to get his attention.

"Zayn!" I yelled. He turned to me.

"What!?" He yelled. I crashed my small frame into his chest and wrapped my arms around his neck and sobbed. 

"I'm sorry" I sniffled. "I ruin everything I'm sorry".

Zayn wrapped his arms around my waist.

"You have no reason to be sorry. You shouldn't love me. You should hate me like you said. Why are you still here"

"Because I do love you"

"Why!, I'm a monster. I scare you! You should feel safe around me not be scared! I almost killed Kyle today if it wasn't for your friend. I let my anger out at you. You let me!  I put you in danger Stephanie, I could hurt you!

I pulled away. 

I slapped him hard across the face. His jaw clenched.

I didn't slap him because I was mad I did it to test him. To see if he'd hurt me. He stepped closer to me quickly but stopped.

"You wouldn't hurt me" I said lowly and hugged him again. "You love me to much to. You wouldn't lose me" 

"How do you know?"

"Because I'm your girlfriend. I know" 

Zayn pressed his face into my neck.

"I'm sorry"

"We need to talk. About the fight"  Zayn pulled back and stared at me. 

"Who told you?" He said angrily.

"It doesn't matter. But, what I'm pretty pissed about is that I heard it from someone else instead of you!" 

"I have my reasons Stephanie"

"This is why we fight! You don't tell me anything!"

"Alright, fine you want to know?"

I nodded.

"I'm fighting someone from another gang. That's it" 

"No shot Sherlock that's why I'm here. Why are you fighting him? I want to know everything Zayn" 

"You wouldn't  handle it" 

I shook my head and stormed out the room. 
I don't know where I stand with Zayn. Right now I'm feeling heart broken and confused. Stupid love. Stupid Zayn. I hate how head over heels I am for him. Why did my first love have to someone so difficult? Someone so different from me. My mind says leave him but my heart says stay. I have some serious thinking to do tonight.

"You don't have a ride" he called from behind me.

"You don't have a girlfriend" I snapped never stopping or looking back. 

Minute later I felt Zayn's large and fit arms wrap around my waist and lift me up. He threw me over his shoulder and I kicked my legs around and punched his back.

"Let go!" 


He dropped me down on the mat. I winced in pain.

"Sorry" he mumbled. I propped myself up on my elbows.

"What are you doing?" I hissed.

"You didn't mean it"

"Mean what?" I grew irritated with him.

"Your still mine"

"I belong to know one"

"You belong to me"

I threw my head back and signed in defeat. No matter how much I try to convince myself Zayn was right. I didn't mean it. I was his. Not because he says but because I want to be. 

"I hate you, you know that?" I smirked.

Zayn hovered his body over mine and kissed me. He leaned up and his necklace was hanging from his neck.

"I hate you to" he joked then continued to kiss me. 

Our sweet kiss turned into a make out session. He kissed me roughly, tongue exploring my mouth recklessly. He leaned up to tease me but I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought him back down. We kissed aggressively. His hand sneaked up my shirt. My hand traced his abs and the other ran through his hair. 

Things were getting heated really quick. I flipped him over and I was now on top of him. Zayn smirked. My legs were on his sides and my bum was sitting on his member area. I pushed my hair to one side and continued to kiss him. His hands went back to sneaking up my shirt and rubbing my back. His touch sent chills down my back. His kiss was rough but pleasuring. I let out a low moan and Zayn smirked. I bit my lip looking down at him. 

"Your face structure  is perfect" I giggled.

He went in a fit of laughter and I joined.

"Thank you" he chucked then continued kissing me. 

The sound of someone clearing their throat startled us. 

"What Matt?" Zayn snapped. I was still on top of him.

"We're closing mate" Matt said trying to hide his laughter. I couldn't hold mine. 

Zayn chuckled. "Let's go home"


"Mine" he said picking me up and carrying me out. 

"Night Zayn. Night sweet heart" said the guy who I saw when I first got here.

I waved goodbye still in Zayn's arms.

We got to the car and he put me down and I climbed in. Zayn walked to the other side of the car and got in. As he drove off I slowly drifted to sleep.


My eyes opened and my vision was blurry. It finally cleared and I could see I was in Zayn's bed. I sat up rubbing my eyes. Zayn must of carried me out the car. I looked down at my clothing to see I was in one of Zayn's t-shirts. I had only my under wear under. He changed my clothing. I smiled and laid back down. Moments later Zayn came out the shower wrapped in a towel. He walked over to the dresser and dropped the towel. I quickly turned my head to rest on the other side of the pillow. I felt the bed dip and Zayn crawled over my body then laid down next to me. 

"Thank you" I said. He knew I was referring to carrying me up and the clothes. He nodded then wrapped his arm around my waist and I snuggled my face into his neck. The night was chilly so I pulled the duvet over us. I cuddled up to Zayn for warmth. 

"Night" I mumbled half asleep. My eyes looked up and he was already asleep. I smiled then let sleep take over. 

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