In love with my Best Friend

What happens when Charlotte confesses her feelings to her Best Friend Niall Horan ? Read to find out .


3. What what happened at Jake's house

So on my walk to Jake's house I decided not to tell him the real reason I'm here. The real reason I'm here is to get Jake back and to get over Niall 

  When I stopped at Jake's house I started to feel really guilty because I am technically just using Jake .But if I don't get back together with Jake I will probably be at the apartments with Niall by my side trying to convince me that he had always loved me .That last choice sounds really depressing for some reason so I decide to go with Jake . I walk up to Jake's door and knock ,Molly,Jake's mother opens the door . Once she saw me her face lit up and immediately pulled me into a hug , I was always Close to Molly she was and still is like my second mother ."oh Charlotte what are you doing here ,look at yourself you're as beautiful as the day I first met you. Are you hungry ? Do you want me to cook you anything?" Another thing about Molly she wants the best for me and is ready to cook me anything at anytime."no I'm fine Molly. I just came to see Jake ." ," well dear you go on up to his room then " Molly said while smiling . I think that Molly got happier when I told her that . I went up to his room and didn't even bother to knock because he is always on the XBOX  I swear he loves that thing .But the thing I love the most about Jake is that he will always straight away turn off his XBOX when he sees me .So I walk in and Lean against the door frame ,Jake hasn't noticed me yet so I decided to talk ."Hey Babe miss me ?" Jake turned around and just stared at me until he managed to stutter out "Ch-Charlie Is that you ?" He looks really cute when he was confused ."yep " he had the biggest smile ever after I said that . He ran up to me picked me up and spun me around to many times to count .i started to laugh cuz that is what I do when I get really dizzy so that was his queue to put me down."I'm sooo Happy to see you Charlie .what are you doing here ?" Jake said smiling "yea about that let's go sit down yea ?", I followed him to sit down on his bed and I continued " Look Jake I I really miss you and I came here to ask you if you maybe want to get back together but if you found someone else or you just don't want to get back together that is totally fine I understand " After I said that he started to smile and then leaned in to kiss me passionately .i felt sparks I always felt sparks kissing him but I felt fireworks just being around Niall."does that answer your question?" He told me . I giggled "Maybe" "Well then I just have to see about that won't I " he started to leave butterfly kisses all over my face I was now giggling uncontrollably until his lips met mine then we kinda had a short make out session but quickly pulled away .Jake pulled me into a bear hug while stoking my hair and saying "I'm glad that your mine again Charlie" me too "I told him back I really did mean because this time I felt a stronger connection between Jake and me .and maybe he'll help me get over Niall ."we should go down stairs and tell your mum the good news she'll really be excited " "yeah we should shouldn't we ,hey want a piggy back ride ""you know me so well Jakie poo " while walking down the stairs I kept on laughing just Omani g the look on Molly's face when we tell her "hey mum me and Charlotte are together again "And what she did I couldn't believe



hey guys I want to know what you think so far about this story so far .


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