In love with my Best Friend

What happens when Charlotte confesses her feelings to her Best Friend Niall Horan ? Read to find out .


4. party

she ran into the kitchen, and you could she shuffling drawers opening and closing and excited squeals . Me and Jake looked at each other and gave each other weird looks. She came out with the house phone in one hand and the phone book in the other . ' im throwing you guys 2 parties ,one with just our famikies and the other you guys can throw and providing all the food and drinks! ' she squealed . I just stood there smiling because of how excited she could get . she left the room singing 'my little baby's in love!' oh how I just adore her.

ps can you guys tell me how its going and if I should keep this or delete it because I am not so sure how it is and if you would like to be co author just describe a bit of your selves and fan me


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