In love with my Best Friend

What happens when Charlotte confesses her feelings to her Best Friend Niall Horan ? Read to find out .


2. 11 years later

well hello there I am now  currently 16 and even more in love with Niall .I Have watched Niall grow tell me about his crushes ,and have to go threw the pain every time I have to meet any of his girlfriends and trust me has had plenty of girlfriends .I have had only one other boyfriend but I broke up with him because things were going to fast but he understood but he still loves me . His name Jake I really loved him but I loved Niall more but back to Jake he made me feel special I couldn't get the feeling of being with him out of my head .So yeah today I have decided that I am going to confess my feelings for him. Oh and by the way Niall and I share an apartment I was sitting in the terrence  and Niall came in so I told him 'Niall we have to talk' 'sure thing babe' I hate it when he calls me that because it makes me weak at the knees and cant talk so anyways here it goes I'm going to tell him ."Niall I love you and I want to be with you as your girlfriend because I just cant shake the feeling I get when im around you but I really really love you Niall" .Niall gets up and leaves but comes back minutes later with strawberries and gives them to me I eat strawberries when I am nervous and right now is one of times . " when did you start having feelings for me " he says '''around when I was 5 '' I responded.'' look charlotte this is really bad timing I have I girlfriend now we barely made it official I was coming over to tell you the news'' he told me . I was crushed I stared to cry but I still went on ''You just don't get it  do you Niall when I was around Jake yea he made me feel special but you ,you make me feel like im the most important person on earth '' . I got  up ad left but Niall grabbed me by the wrist  and spun me around to face him '' Charlotte please don't go I i love you i always have and always will'' by this time Niall was also crying ''too late Niall if you really did then prove it '' after i said that  i ran out of our apartment and ran to the only place i knew tha twould be waiting . so i went to  Jake's house and was going to get back to gether with him

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