My Wish...

Lola Rain makes a simple wish on a star to wake up the next morning in Harry Styles bed. Her wish to become his girlfriend came true. But what happens when Harry isn't the guy she thought he would be? And what if a romance is brewing between her and another one of his band mates, a guy she never thought she would end up with.


10. What the Hell

Lola's P.O.V

It has been a week since the night Liam and I went out. Since then, we haven't really talked. I've started to really miss him like now when I would sit downstairs with Niall while he ate a while bucket of chicken and watched soap operas. We were watching his favorite one when Harry came in slamming the front door.


"Woah. Someone is a bit moody." Niall said with food in his mouth. I rolled my eyes and pushed his face back. He laughed and hit me with a drum stick. I stood up as harry walked in. I was about to wrap my arms around him when he tossed a magazine on the table.


"What the hell is this?!" He asked.


I picked it up to see what was on the cover. My mouth dropped. It was the picture of Liam and I on the beach when we were standing in the water with his hands cupping my face. Are lips were really close together and almost looked like we were kissing. The head line: Lola cheating on Harry with best mate?


I covered my mouth with my hand. Harry took the paper out of my hand and opened it to a marked page. He read aloud in an unsettling calm voice, "Sources say that Liam Payne and Lola Rain were last seen at the beach together out on a date. You can clearly see the sparks flying through them as they ran around hand in hand while Harry was at the studio thinking his girlfriend was at home waiting for his arrival!" 


He tossed the paper at me. I saw the pictures of us sitting on the hood of his car holding hands, running on the beach, in the waves, and the last one of me sitting on his lap. I could feel the tears forming in my eyes. I put the paper on the table then looked at Niall. He nodded and took down the hall to his room. He wanted the room closest to the kitchen.




"Don't Lola. Just don't." He said walking to the fridge. He pulled out a bottle of beer and chugged it. When he finished he faced me. "What the fuck were you thinking? You cheated on me with Liam? Really? Just tell me Lola, was it great? Huh? HUH?"


I watched as he picked up the empty bottle and chucked it at me. I ducked before it could it me. I heard the glass shatter on the wall.


"Harry. Please-"


"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" He screamed. He walked over to me. He pulled me off the floor. He stared me down then I felt the sting on my face. I was back on the ground. I covered my cheek. It was hot and burning. Harry... Harry just hit. I could hear his foot steps come closer but then they stopped. I turned my head to see Liam standing at the bottom of the stairs. Pure shock was shown on his face. I looked at Harry who had a smile painted across his face.


"What are you looking at mate?" Harry slurred.


"Harry. You're drunk. Back off." Liam said. He started to walk over to me but Harry got in his way.


"You aren't going anywhere near that bitch." Harry stated.


I could see the anger rise in Liam's eyes. I jumped from the ground. I ran over to them. I pushed both of their chests away from each other before Liam could hit Harry. I stood there with both arms spread out. I closed my eyes for a brief second. I needed to find courage to stop this.


"This isn't what I wished for." I whispered.


Harry snorted, "That's what every bitch says after she is caught."


"Shut the fuck up Harry! You cheat on her all the time!" Liam screamed stepping into my hand.


 Harry snapped. He lunged for Liam. I tried my best to push them back but they were much stronger than me. I took for Niall. I opened the door crying for him. Niall took me into his arms. He hugged me then took off into the living room. I slid down the wall letting the tears flow out of my eyes. I listened to the fight because I couldn't bare watch it. This isn't what I wanted. This isn't what I wished for. I needed to fix this. I wanted my old life back.


I heard the door slam making my body tense up. I heard footsteps come around the living room. It was Liam. I started to ball my eyes out when I saw his face. He was bleeding and covered in green bruises that were already taking shape.


He kneeled down taking me into his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck then rested my head into his shoulder. I cried harder.


"Shh." He whispered.


"It's all my fault. It's all my fault." I cried.


He pulled away from me. He cupped his hands around my cheeks and rested his forehead on mine. His eyes looked directly into mine, "Don't you dare say that! It is not your fault! It will never be your fault!"


I was about to say something but he placed a finger on my lips. He shook his head then kissed my forehead.


"Let's go get you cleaned up." He whispered.


He carried me bridle style up to his room. He sat me on the bed then went to the bathroom. I could hear him turn the water on in the shower. My body felt numb. I brushed my check where Harry hit me. It will stung a bit.


Liam came out of the bathroom. He kneeled next to me. He brushed my check and shook his head.


"Do you want me to help you?" He asked.


I nodded. I felt like I couldn't move. I was in shock. I didn't know what to say or what to do. Liam stood me up and took me into the bathroom. He brushed the stray glass out of my hair then helped me undress. He opened the shower door and put me in.


"I'm sorry I don't have a tub. Niall is the only one with one."


"It's okay.." I whispered. I stood under the water and let it run down my head. I didn't even mind that Liam was watching me. He sighed then got in. He helped me wash up then got me out. He wrapped me in a very soft towel. He dried me off then helped me change into one of his over sized shirts that smelled like him and a pair of his boxers that were like shorts on me.


He carried me into the room and laid me in his bed. I heard him get into the shower. I got out of the warm covers and slowly walked to his balcony. I needed fresh air. I needed to see something other than the walls around me. It was dark outside. The wind hit my skin making goose pimples crawl over my whole body. I couldn't believe my legs were working.


"Lola? Are you okay?" Liam asked. He was wearing his boxers better than I was and he didn't have a shirt on. Part of me didn't mind that.


"Yeah.. I'm okay. You have a nice view." I pointed out to the sky.


He nodded but he wasn't looking where I pointed. He walked over to me. He placed his hands on my waist which was one of my weaknesses. I rest my head on his chest. He out his chin on my head. I don't know how long we stood like that but it must have been awhile because my legs started to hurt. I moved my head and saw his face.


His lip was puffy, his jaw law looked smashed, his left temped was bruised along with his right eye. His nose had finally stopped bleeding but what was left behind wasn't pleasant. I was the reason why he looked like this. 


I pulled away from him. I turned my back towards him and let out a little cry into the night. He placed a hand on my shoulder but I shrugged it away.


"Lola Rain." He whispered. He walked around me. I didn't look up at his face. I stared at his chest with my arms crossed. He tipped my chin up, "Lola. Look at me. This isn't your fault love. What do I have to do to prove that to you?"


I shrugged away from him, "I'm sorry Liam. I can't live with you being hurt."


He pulled me into him again, "Lola. This is going to heal. I will be fine."


I sniffed, "But your friendship with Harry won't."


Liam sighed, "That was lost a long time ago. Right now. I'm more focused on something else. Something. Someone..." He trailed off. He looked into my eyes the way I hoped a guy would look at me. It was the dream wasn't it? To feel like the only girl in the world.


"Liam.." I whispered.


Our lips drew closer and closer. We both couldn't help this. It needed to happened.


"Lola.." He whispered lastly as our lips finally touched.


It was so gentle. I could feel the sparks flying around us. I moved my hands from his chest to his neck. I dipped my head more so I could get to him better. He held my waist as if he never wanted to let me go. He tried to deepen the kiss then pulled away.


"Ouch." He whispered.


We both started to laugh. We sat outside for another hour kissing and talking and trying not to hurt each other even more than we were. At least, he carried me to his bed where we lay together in a almost fairy tale like way. It was almost perfect...

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