My Wish...

Lola Rain makes a simple wish on a star to wake up the next morning in Harry Styles bed. Her wish to become his girlfriend came true. But what happens when Harry isn't the guy she thought he would be? And what if a romance is brewing between her and another one of his band mates, a guy she never thought she would end up with.


2. What Do I Do?

"Babe, come on! I get it, you're not in the mood but I'm going to be late for rehearsal!" Harry yelled banging on the door. I took a deep breath and gave myself one last look in the bathroom mirror.


My hair short blonde hair was a mess from sleep along with my makeup but Harry didn't seem to mind. I walked over to the stand in shower and turned it on. I slipped the sheet off and put a towel on  instead. I fluffed my hair up and opened the door. up. Harry was now wearing light ripped up jeans and a white tee shirt. Dang. He had a thing for white.


He gave me a little smile and kissed my lips. Wow. He tasted so good but I pulled away a little fast. He gave me a confused look. But then huffed, "Wow. You're in a mood. I'll be back in an hour."


He turned around to leave but I caught his arm, "Harry, what am I suppose to do while you're gone?"


He gave me a weird look, "What you always do when I leave, online school, shopping, or trying to talk to Liam while he groans about his break up. I will see you later babe." He kissed my lips one last time and I didn't pull back fast. When he parted he smile. "That's my girl."


I got into the shower where I thought more about what happened. I made a stupid wish on a falling star. It wasn't suppose to come true, none of that stuff ever comes true. I was washing my hair and humming to a song stuck in my head when I heard the door open. I rubbed the glass to see Liam sitting on the counter top.


"Hey Lola." He said spooning yogurt into his mouth with somewhat of a smile on his face.




This was just getting weirder. Everyone in this place didn't care about other people being naked! Plus I wasn't suppose to even be here! I felt faint. This was all too much for me. This couldn't be happening. This wasn't happening. I started to pinch my arm and I closed my eyes. When I opened them, Liam's face was pressed up on the glass.


"What are you doing?" He asked confused.


"I'm dreaming." I said. I had to be dreaming. 


Liam looked at me funny then opened up the glass door. He stepped in the glass shower that was huge. he sat at the end of the shower where he wouldn't get wet. I turned off the shower and grabbed the shower and wrapped it around myself.


"Are you okay?" He asked me.


"No. I am not okay!" I yelled then walked out of the shower. 

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