My Wish...

Lola Rain makes a simple wish on a star to wake up the next morning in Harry Styles bed. Her wish to become his girlfriend came true. But what happens when Harry isn't the guy she thought he would be? And what if a romance is brewing between her and another one of his band mates, a guy she never thought she would end up with.


9. Picture Perfect...

Lola's P.O.V

Liam took me to my favorite place in the whole world. The beach. The sun was setting over the water like a picture. I just wanted to die where I stood. He parked his jeep right on the beach and we laid on the hood. We watched the sun go down hand in hand. Before the last couple drops of orange dropped, he asked if I would like to walk.


We walked the beach still with our fingers still connected. It almost felt like a movie. He would pick me up and spin me around with a goofy smile on his smile. We laughed together, we sang, held out are arms as the wind picked up, and for once in my life, I felt like I belonged. I felt this was all meant to be.


Liam picked me up one last time. He spun me around in the beautiful light. He laughed making me smile. I thought he was going to put me down but instead he tossed me into a crashing wave. My whole body suddenly felt cold. Part of me wanted to scream but the other laughed. A mix of both came out of my lips.


"That's what you get love!" Liam said holding out his arms like he did nothing wrong.


I ran up to him. I place my hands on his chest and gave him my best sexy smile. I stood up on my toes. Our faces were inches apart. I bit my lip. I could see the question in his eyes. He inched his face closer to mine which was my plan. I tugged on his shirt and pushed him off into a wave.


He stood up. He whole body was wet. I let out a laugh as he shook his head.


"What love?" I said getting super close to him again. I walked around him and ran my fingers around his back. I stopped and got on my toes. I whispered in his ear, "That's what you get." I couldn't help myself as I placed my lips on his cheek. I took off sprinting down the beach hoping he would catch up which of course he did.


He picked me up by my waste and spun me around. The water from the ocean was at our ankles and raising by the second. Liam ran a finger across my jaw line. I placed my hand on his chest. He lifted my chin up so our eyes met. Oh my gosh. Those eyes. The way the last bit of light hit them made me weak in the knees. The way his thumb brushed over my cheek then my jaw line and lastly my lips just made me feel like none of this was real. I couldn't help myself as his thumb brushed my part lips. I kissed it then looked into his eyes. He seemed surprised by this gesture. He ran his free hand through my wet hair that went a little past my chin. He put back the lose strands then looked into my eyes again.


He cupped my face. It was like nothing I have ever felt before. I watched as he leaned in and kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes letting out a small breath. He pulled away but I kept my eyes closed.


"Open your eyes Lola." He whispered. I felt his fresh breath on my lips. The smell of mint hit my nose. I loved how he smelt. It reminded me of Christmas.


When I opened my eyes, his hands still cupped my face but his was closer. Our lips were so close. They almost touched. I wanted them to touch so bad. He was about to lean in more when a wave crashed onto us. I fell on top of his body. He stared into the sky. I could hear his soft chuckle and felt it.


"I always wanted the girl to be on top." He laughed. I couldn't help but laugh to. I playful hit his chest.


We both laughed then sat up. I was still sitting on his lap. I watched as the last part of the sun when own then looked at him. He wasn't watching the sun. He focus was clearly on me.


"Lola.." He whispered but he never finished because out of nowhere people with cameras showed up. They started taking picture of us. Liam cussed under his breath then grabbed my hand. We ran up the beach and got into the jeep. He started driving really fast. My eyes were focused on the people. I've never had my picture taken like that before. Must have been picture perfect in their eyes...

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