My Wish...

Lola Rain makes a simple wish on a star to wake up the next morning in Harry Styles bed. Her wish to become his girlfriend came true. But what happens when Harry isn't the guy she thought he would be? And what if a romance is brewing between her and another one of his band mates, a guy she never thought she would end up with.


4. Changed Forever

I didn't know where I was going to go or what I was going to do. All I know id that I need to find out what was going on and how long this would be going on. I don't think I would mind being Harry's girlfriend but what about my other life? I would miss my family too much. Plus, I don't want to be his personal groupie for the rest of my life.


I shook my head slowly then I spotted a little shop. It was called My Wish in big, bold letters with a blue background. It was a very small shop on the corner next to the coffee shop. I felt drawn to the shop. I walked across the street to where I stood outside the shop. I pressed my face on the glass but I saw nothing. I lifted my face from the glass then looked up. The open sign was on and blinking. I shrugged my shoulders then walked in.


The door chimed as it opened and once more as it closed. The shop was dimly lite with small candles and twinkle lights. There were rows upon rows of books filled in here. It almost seemed overly cluttered with these books and such. I walked to the front desk.


"Hello?" I said. I tapped the little bell on the desk then waited.


I heard a crash from the back then appeared a small girl with long red hair. It wasn't a natural red color either. It was bright like fire with dark black tips in small curls on the end. Her eyes were a white blue color that made her look blind almost. She smiled at her flashing her white teeth.


"Welcome to My Wish. I'm Aria. How can I help you?" She asked.


She was so small, her body barely made it past the desk top. She placed her arms neatly on top of it still smiling.


I ran my fingers through my shirt blonde hair then said, "Uhh..."


"Oh. I know why you are here. Follow me please." She said then gestured for me to come in the back with her. I didn't argue, I just followed her soundlessly as we made are way into the black room which seemed to be the them for this place: dark and creepy.


When we made it to the back, my mouth dropped. It was beautiful. There were twinkle lights around the small room that gave light to the place with candles everywhere like the front but it was more planned out. It was so light and perfect. In the middle of the room was a table with a crystal ball, I'm not kidding. It was like a movie or something. Around the table were different sizes and colors of pillows. The girl sat down in front of the ball then extended her hand to a place across from her where I guessed she wanted me to sit.


I dropped down then stared at her. Her skin was perfectly white as well. Not a blemish in sight. Her cheek bones were high with a small chin making her look almost older but younger at the same time. She extended her hands out taking mine into hers. She held them then closed her eyes.


"Ahh. Lola Rain. Sixteen years old with a bit of attitude towards her mother and strangers, well until now. Wow. You sure are in a bind my darling. A wish I see." She opened her eyes then stared at me for a long time. She let go of my hands.


"Wow..." I said.


She blinked then said, "What is it that brought you here?"


"I don't know what happened to me! I was just walking and I saw a falling star. Like any normal teenager, I made a wish not thinking the next morning I would wake up in Harry Styles BED!" I yelled.


Aria nodded, "Falling star wishes are very serious. Most become real and in this case yours did."


I looked at her, "I kinda got that. Why or how long this is going to last might be a little more helpful!"


She looked down. She bit her lip then rose from her spot. She paced the room running her fingers through her long hair.


"What is it?" I asked.


She stopped, "Lola. This is very powerful stuff. I've met many people who have wished for things but for small things, nothing like being Harry Styles girlfriend. This is most likely permanent and there is no way to wish for your life back or get your memoirs as his girlfriend. I'm sorry but that's all I can tell you but Lola." She paused looking straight at me. /her eyes were burning into my soul, I could feel it. "Next time, be careful what you wish for."


With that, she blew out the candles and rushed me out of the shop, despite my pleads for help. She slammed the door behind me and flipped the open sigh off. I stared at the shop forever then let out a scream of frustration! Just when I think I can get more answers, I get more confused. My life. Was changed. Forever...




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