The flowers of Nora

Nora is a hell hound... No body loves him except a little girl Named Jade. He loves her very much...ever since they were little they had a connection. When Nora finds out he hades dog cerberus things change and they grow apart. how will they over come this? find out in Flowers of Nora.


2. still the begining

Today I made Jade a daisy necklace. She looked at me happily and hugged me happily making me blush slightly. She giggled at me, and made me blush more. I love Jade so much, but i can't admit it to her I'm to shy. Anyway Jade and me were laying in the grass watching the sky slowly change to a dark shade of orange. "Nora....I....Love...You.." She whispered to me sweetly. I made a small smile and whispered " I love you too Jade " we hugged eachother and I blushed... I'm not sure if Jade blushed too byt I felt so happy. So this is what love's a fuzzy feeling it makes my heart beat fast. Ms. Dark Liege says that if I fall in love that might endanger the one I love. I don't know what that means...but I dont want to put Jade in danger. So I'll and hide my feelings more often but I love hugging her so much...meh..
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