The flowers of Nora

Nora is a hell hound... No body loves him except a little girl Named Jade. He loves her very much...ever since they were little they had a connection. When Nora finds out he hades dog cerberus things change and they grow apart. how will they over come this? find out in Flowers of Nora.


1. the begining

I've always been happy. But im alone...nobody loves me.. except Jade. She's my best friend, and promises to be by my side forever. I think that will changed in the future; but for now I'm happy. Me and Jade were sitting in the butterfly gardens as usual, i was of course running after the butterflies biting at them. Jade giggled slightly as she watched me carefully. "Whats so funny?" I questioned her. She shrugged at me, and giggled even more. I crossed my arms feeling a bit flustered. "JAAAAADDDEE TELL MEEE PLEEASE" I begged on my knees for Jade to tell me. "It's just funny how you chase the butterflies..even though you dont catch them you still go after them... it's silly Nora" Jade looked at me with a serious look. I nodded and sat down frowning sadly. I always wonder why Jade was always so serious all the time. But also why i always wondered why she wore that mask.
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