The flowers of Nora

Nora is a hell hound... No body loves him except a little girl Named Jade. He loves her very much...ever since they were little they had a connection. When Nora finds out he hades dog cerberus things change and they grow apart. how will they over come this? find out in Flowers of Nora.


3. leaving!?

Today miss Dark Liege told me I might be...well sent away to a man named Hades....she told he wants me to be his pet. But I want to stay and love Jade...sadly I can't though...Dark Liege said it was to big of an opportunity for me to reject. So I humbly excepted it knowing Jade she would have pushed me towards being his stupid's like i don't have a say in anything that happens to my life... Today I went to meet hades he's a bit older then me and gave me a collar with my name Nora on it. Sadly he. Said it would be changed to cereberus because it sounded more threatening. That made me wanna punch the wall becoming somebody's pet was bad enough but loosing my identity was just the thing to set of my nerves. I held my anger in just showing that I was slightly dissatisfied by the commands the brutal man was saying. I would also have to live in the woods like some god forsaken beast, yes i know i can transform into a beast with a lion head horns, and snake tails but honestly this stupid ass guy is seriously testing my nerves with what he's telling me! The only upside yo this situation is that I get steak all the time and that's about it.
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