Love You Mean It

When actress Sammi Hardy stars in the movie, "Savior" with the five amazing guys from One Direction, she promises her boyfriend, James, she wont fall in love with one of them. But everything changes when a kiss in the movie becomes reality. Will her relationship with James survive or will a relationship heat up with one of her costars.


14. Where Am I

Sammi's POV

I woke up in this room. It was dark and I couldnt see anything. The door opened and the light was turned on.

"Morning babe. Sleep well?" James asked.

"No, where am I?" I asked. Demanding an answer. 

"Cant tell ya. Sorry baby." he said.

"Don't call me baby, you idiot." I said. "Where is Louis." I added.

"I don't know. Hospital?" he said.

"i hate you and hope you rot in Hell." I said.

"Thats not very nice." 

"I know. It wasn't supposed to be nice." I said. More like yelled.

"Calm down. You are in good hands now." 

"No, I hate you. Now let me go." I yelled.

"No. Sit down. I'll be back. Don't try and escape or you'll end up like Louis." he threatened. I started to cry. how could this happen? I wondered if Louis was ok. I hope we was. I had to try and get out. Even if it was a risk of my life. I was looking for something to help in the room. He left his knife in the room. I don't know why though. I grabbed it and opened the door holding it up incase of defense. I walked through the hallways hoping Lou was ok. 

Louis's POV

I woke up in a hospital bed. Wheres Sam. The doctor walked in.

"How are you Mr. Tomlinson?" He asked.

"Fine, my back just hurts. By chance, do you know where my girlfriend is?" I asked.

"Im sorry Mr Tomlinson, I don't know where your girlfriend is." he replied.

"I meed to find her."I said getting out of the bed. 

"Mr. Tomlinson, Im sorry but you must stay here." he said.


"But nothing. Im sorry. You got stabbed pretty deep in the lower back, you'll hurt yourself if toy try to walk or stand."

His words stabbed through my body like the knife I got stabbed with. I hoped wherever she was, she was ok.

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