Love You Mean It

When actress Sammi Hardy stars in the movie, "Savior" with the five amazing guys from One Direction, she promises her boyfriend, James, she wont fall in love with one of them. But everything changes when a kiss in the movie becomes reality. Will her relationship with James survive or will a relationship heat up with one of her costars.


13. Went Back

Perrie's POV

I walked back by the house and saw that James's car was gone. I ran up the stairs into the house and opened the door. I saw Zayn, Niall, Louis, Harry, and Liam all on the ground. With a puddle of blood all around them. I pulled out my phone and called 911.

"911, whats your emergancy?" the 911 operator said.

"Hi, my name is Perrie and I'd like to report a stabbing." I said.

"Are you the victim?" 

"No, my boyfriend and his 4 friends are, and the man kidnapped me friend." 

"Do you have any idea who the man was."

"My friend's ex boyfriend. He broke in and stabbed the boys, and took off with my friend."

"Ok, mame, whats your locaton?" 

"1640 Red Bird Road Doncaster England."

"Ok mame. Police will be there in 5 minutes. Are the victims alive?"

"Yes, yes they are."

"Ok mama, the police will be there in a couple minutes."

"Ok. Thank you." I said hanging up the phone. I was worried about Sammi. Where was she? Is she dead or alive? I hope she was alive.

"Dont worry boys. The police will be here soon with help." I told them. Louis finally spoke 3 words.

"Where is she?" he asked pausing after breaths.

"Louis, I dont know." I replied.

The police came and took them to the hospital. Some stayed and took fingertips on the door and tried finding where he went.

The only thing I could do is hope and pray.

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