Love You Mean It

When actress Sammi Hardy stars in the movie, "Savior" with the five amazing guys from One Direction, she promises her boyfriend, James, she wont fall in love with one of them. But everything changes when a kiss in the movie becomes reality. Will her relationship with James survive or will a relationship heat up with one of her costars.


15. Try

Sammi's POV

I had the knife with me walking down the long dark hallway. i just couldnt believe James went this crazy because of me leaving him. i thought of Louis being dead. god i hope he was alive. i dont know what Id do without him. Walking down the hallway was scary. I was totally freaked out. i didnt know which way to turn to get out of here. I started thinking about how Louis and I met. How we kissed, the sparks that flew when our lips touched. I loved him. Next thing I hear, footsteps walking toward the room. I had to fight for myself, but Im doing this for Louis.

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