Love You Mean It

When actress Sammi Hardy stars in the movie, "Savior" with the five amazing guys from One Direction, she promises her boyfriend, James, she wont fall in love with one of them. But everything changes when a kiss in the movie becomes reality. Will her relationship with James survive or will a relationship heat up with one of her costars.


4. Red Lobster

Sammi's POV

So I got home with James after shopping wit the guys. I think he knew I was thinking of something. 

"Something on your mind?" James asked.

"No. Nothing really." I lied.

I had to face the fact, I was in love Louis. But, also in love with James.How could this be.

"What do you want for dinner?" I asked trying to get Louis off my mind.

"Wanna go out?" James suggested.

"Yeah. Thats fine. Where though?" 

"Red Lobster?" 

"Thats fine. I'll go get ready." 

I walked away. Louis was on my min. Eleanor was so lucky. But so am I. My boyfriend spoils me with everything. Clothes, jewlery, and everything. I needed help, but didnt ask for any.

I walked out of my room and James was on the phone. With some girl.  only knew that because he was like, "I love you too babe." He only says that to me. How could he. After everything. I was totally heartbroken, but had to hide it.

He saw me and we got in his ar and drove to Red Lobster.

When we got there, the waitress sat us to our seats. No conversation. It was awkward. 

"I heard what you said." I finally say breaking the silince.

"And did I say." he replied.

"You are cheating on my. With some girl named Savanah." I yell. Everyone started looking at us.

"No I did not." he yelled back.

"You never loved me. Did you?" I yell back.

He stood up and tried hugging me, but then I slapped him and ran off.

I ran into the parking lot and walked home. I was in tears. I called Louis. For some reason, I felt I could trust him.

"Louis?" I said when he anwsered.

"Sam, whats wrong. Are you crying?" Louis anwsered.

"I might, just take my life tonight." I said. Pausing after every word.

"No. What happened?" he yelled. "Im coing to your house right now." he said hanging up the phone.

"Wait, please come over." I said.

"Ok." his calming voice said.

I got home and he was in the driveway waitng for me.

We walked up and sat on the couch.


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