Love You Mean It

When actress Sammi Hardy stars in the movie, "Savior" with the five amazing guys from One Direction, she promises her boyfriend, James, she wont fall in love with one of them. But everything changes when a kiss in the movie becomes reality. Will her relationship with James survive or will a relationship heat up with one of her costars.


16. Out of Here and A Dirty Little Secret

Sammi's POV

I walked down the hallway when I came to the living room door. I quietly opened the door and saw James and another girl making out on the couch.

"See ya later James." I said waving to him.

"Um, Sam, you can now run back to little Louis, but he posted on Twitter that him and Eleanor were you know, on top of each other having a blast making out." he replied.

"What, no, no he didn't." I protested.

"Honey, here look." he said handing me his phone, and yes he did post it.

"How could he?" I yelled.

"I'll get your things." he said handing me my phone and jacket. I walked out there door trying not to burst out in tears. I got home. And I started to cry.

"Shoot my Cupid out of the sky, break off his wings, and gouge out his eyes and thank him for nothing because thats all he gave to me!" i yelled. Then the door opened. Zayn and Niall were home.

"Sammi, you're ok!" Niall yelled running over to me, hugging me.

"yeah, well Im not anymore. Louis made out with Eleanor." I yelled.

"No he didn't. he's been in the hospital, and we've been there with him." Zayn said.

"But, the post on Twitter." I screamed.

"It says, posted on March 21st. He was in the hospital, we were there with him. Who showed you this?" Niall asked.

"James, why?" 

"I think James hacked into his account and posted that." 

"You think so."

"Sam, i know he did. Now cmon lets go see your boyfriend in the hospital." 

"Ok." We walked out the door and got in Zayn's car and drove to the hospital.

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