1.Lesson Learned

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  • Published: 15 Apr 13
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Blurb Brooke Pettaway was a nerdy teenage girl. She was the top of her class. But when she gets a call from Scooter Braun, her life flips upside down. She becomes Justin's personal tutor. What happens when Justin only judges her on her appearance, and he fails to see the beauty that lies beneath her glasses and knotty hair? But soon enough, he'll learn his lesson. Copyrighted and original product of Hearts4life<3 READ THIS BEFORE THE SECOND BOOK :GOOD GIRL GONE BAD
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Justin Bieber Fanfiction,
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1. Brooke

Hi my name is Brooke Pettaway. I am 17 years old and I live in California. I live with both of my parents, although they both dissaprove of me, because I'm not the popular kid in school. I'm the nerd that turns in her projects early and aces all of her tests. I'm the nerd that sits in the back of the class so that you don't notice me, and I'm the nerd that goes to the library on Friday's to study. I don't have many friends, except for the one girl who understands me, Isabella Sanchez. The funny part is, is that she's the most popular girl in school.She isn't as bright as me, but she respects who I am. But my parents, they don't appreciate me or my grades. They would like me much more if I were popular and stupid, like them.  But my knowledge did get me somewhere in the world. It got me to tutoring one of the biggest and snobbiest stars around. Justin Bieber.

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