Those Pretty Red Lips

Who could fight those pretty red lips of her.... He can't

Want to find out who? Read my Fan Fic Those Pretty Red Lips


2. Chapter Two- Finding Him? Nahh can't be but maybe.

My thoughts:

I've been searching for happiness, but that's not working out to well. I mean I have a lot to be happy about. Just to be here given the gift of life, and I don't want to live how selfish am I? There are lots of people who die young, and I'm lucky I've lived this long. I have a roof over my head and I usually get everything I want, but I mean I don't have the richest parents but we have a decent amount of money we struggle to get by though not all the time but we do. I have pets that keep me company because I'm an only child, but I keep myself pretty busy with my razors I mean they're the only thing I feel I have. Right as I was about to continue with my thoughts on how bad of a burden I must be I was ripped away by the hardness of the ground. Was I really that revolved in my thoughts. I heard someone say " Oh my gosh I am so sorry I'm such an idiot how could I just be so absent minded about other people" as he was continue to go on and on I was trying to figure out where I have heard this voice before, and because it isn't American I'm not quite sure but it's definitely a thick Irish accent oh ha I know that boy he's from One Direction oh my god ewww that band I hate them they are so annoying I like screamo music. As I had been thinking about him and who he was I heard hi continuing on he was going on for about five minutes and how sorry he was "Hey you, are you okay? What's your name? Are you feeling okay?" I replied "Oh me ha yea I'm fine. My name is..." um think of a fake name just in case he wants to hang out and maybe even go further ughhh whatever I'm not gonna lie. As I heard him say " What oh my god you must have hit your head pretty hard if you can't remember you name" i giggled and so did he "Excuse me I'm sorry I've been lost in my thoughts a lot lately. My name is Shaylynn." I replied. "Shaylynn...?" he questioned I guess he wants to know my full name. "Shaylynn Lee Clark." I answered him fully this time. "Shaylynn Lee Clark. What a nice name can I get your number I would like to know about you some more?" he questioned. Wait hold up I don't even know his name so I'll ask why not give him a chance he seems nice. "Thanks, and sure it's 904-626-3656-Wait hold up I don't even know your name?" I asked. "Oh ha silly me I'm Niall... Niall Horan, but wait you don't know me I'm in like the biggest boy band ever" "Well excuse me I'm sorry for asking a question?" i replied kind of sarcastic "Oh no no no love I'm sorry I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions expecting you to now everything. Ha but thank you for your number I'll text you. Later Beautiful." He replied "Okay laters cool." Woah wait he called me Beautiful my god I'm blushing aren't I ugh I'm an idiot he could never like a girl like me I'm hideous and fat. Okay seriously he isn't even going to text me whatever I'll just wait and see.




P.s. I'll update tomorrow :) I have Fcats this week grrr. By peeps!!!     

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