Those Pretty Red Lips

Who could fight those pretty red lips of her.... He can't

Want to find out who? Read my Fan Fic Those Pretty Red Lips


6. Chapter Six- Stay with me just for the night.

Niall's Thoughts:

She jumped away from me? I thought I was doing something right? Oh my she just passed out oh Lord what do I do? Think you idiot!!! okay okay call um 999? no 987? no oh 911 yes. "Come on, come on fucking pick up the damn phone." I screamed. As it continued to beep I heard screaming? Who was it oh my it is my Shaylynn! My baby she's okay wait what my baby my girl her? What am I thinking she would never like me in a million years, but maybe she does.... I threw my phone half way across her room and ran to her side I know she needed me I needed her, I want her...all of her.  As she was waking up I was waiting to see if  she was okay, and truth be told I am impatient I hate waiting.  I just wanted to hold her so tight in my arms and get her old body back. I love her the way she is though but not in the form she was. She was just to skinny but I knew that she knew that. I mean how could she possibly think she's fat? Does she? I mean she's to skinny there is no way she thinks she's fat. I'm sitting here thinking about this and she prob thinks I'm weird for just staring into space ha. I was ripped away as I heard sniffles and whimpers as I looked over I noticed she looked really terrified. I decided I would try to find out why she jumped away and why she was crying? I hope I didn't hurt her. Oh my what if I did hurt her? I could never let myself live that down. I mean she's a vulnerable, shy, sweet, insecure, damaged, 14 year old girl. I need to take some responsibility. I never should have made her feel uncomfortable or just put it all on her without warning or taking I didn't even take into consideration she was a virgin! I'm a horrible person I was starting to tear up and cry when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw a pair of innocent scared bright blue eyes but they had no shine they were empty and desperate for happiness, and I couldn't help but try to smile back I was just to hurt from what I did. I saw her smile back, but it was weak not even fake or even meant but weak like she had never been able to smile and that was the best she could give me. She finally opened her mouth and out came a soft sentence " It's not you fault I shouldn't have led you on." I couldn't believe she said that. I shouldn't have made her or even instigated it. I replied "No no no. It isn't your fault I shouldn't have even thought about it because we literally just met! I mean I'm a creeper, and I can't blame you if you never want to see me again." I started to tear up again. Then I heard "I could never think of you as being a creep. How about we just forget about this, and you can stay here with me for the night, and we can cuddle?" I can't believe she said that. I jumped on her with my tears leaking everywhere"Thank you so much. I'm so sorry I won't ever do that again without you offering me it. Thank you a million times over." I must have sounded so desperate, but I didn't care she was giving me another chance I had to take it. " Why are you crying?" she asked. "Because I'm lucky I'm getting another chance from you! I don't care if we just met you mean a lot to me." I replied. "Well then thanks. So just stay with me for the night then?" she stated in a question. "Of course." I stated. I couldn't believe I would get to hold her all night. This was like a corrupted beautiful dream I didn't want to wake up from. Thank god for her giving me a second chance I have never been so relieved. Anyways that's exactly what we did is cuddled as we both fell asleep in an embrace I never wanted to end.

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