Those Pretty Red Lips

Who could fight those pretty red lips of her.... He can't

Want to find out who? Read my Fan Fic Those Pretty Red Lips


7. Chapter Seven- Whatever it takes

As we lay there together completely intertwined I was so happy I got to hold her in my arms. She was so fragile and just valuable I couldn't let her slip away from me not now, or ever. I just wanted to stay like this I thought. I heard a little weak noise come from next to me. It was Shaylynn "Niall...Niall please don't. NO PLEASE NIALL. STOP." I heard her scream I quickly shook her "Baby girl wake up.. Whats wrong?" I said loud enough for her to hear. She woke up she was sweating and shaking. Oh my what was going on? She just sat there and then she looked over at me and screamed and ran away to hide in the corner of her room. Why? What did I do to her? She was shaking and crying and rocking back and forth. I got up and slowly walked over to her , and she tried to back up more but she couldn't "please...please don't rape me I don't know what I did wrong.." I heard her say that and I lost it I was in tears and they were pouring from my eyes. "I would never." was all I could manage to get out. I saw her body relax a little when I said that. Why would she dream something so horrible? "Why would I ever do that to you? I wouldn't because you mean to much to me I love you so much." I said and she relaxed and a little smile crept around. When I saw that my heart fluttered I sat next to her and I cupped her face in my hands and looked deep into her perfect eyes. I kissed her slowly, but the kiss was wet from all the tears but that didn't matter it didn't make a difference. I loved every moment of the kiss. We parted and she gave me a weak smile. "I'm sorry.... I'm such a freak, and you have to put up with my immature nonsense." She said in a quiet tone."You're not a freak my darling, and if you are I absolutely love your freakishness." I said and she giggled. God I loved her little giggles they were so adorable. I wrapped my arms around her small small damaged body. Wow I mean why would she starve herself , or think about do this to herself I bet she was 10x more beautiful when she had a body and not a skeleton. I have to do whatever it takes and I will. I just held her there as tears were streaming down both our cheeks why? why does life have to be this way what was so wrong with her? What did life throw at her that was so bad. I don't know right now, but I will. I'll just have to wait for to tell me. She needs my trust and loyalty so she can move past this horrible stage in her life. I will get her back to normal whatever it takes.


Sorry it was so short..... xx Lexii

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