Those Pretty Red Lips

Who could fight those pretty red lips of her.... He can't

Want to find out who? Read my Fan Fic Those Pretty Red Lips


4. Chapter Four- Waking up to a text?


I woke up the next day, but it's not like I wanted to anyways. I got up took all my clothes off and headed into the bathroom for a nice long soak with some bubbles maybe? Eh I don't know what I'm going to do for my morning bath, or maybe a shower ugh to many decisions I thought to my self. I don't know how I'm even still alive. As I slowly made it over to my night stand just to check my phone in hope that maybe he had messaged me. I looked and he did, but I wasn't in the mood since he blew me off yesterday and last night maybe I'll just text him when I'm done with my nice long soak. I got in the tub and laid there for an hour or so that's about it. I got out wrapped the towel around my body and checked my phone. I had about 10 missed calls and 30 text messages from him Niall. I smiled to myself and I was blushing so hard no one has ever messaged me let alone called me that many times I feel special. I decided I would text back

To Niall<33-

Hey sorry I was bathing c; also thanks for blowing

up my phone with calls and messages..... xx

Sending...... yayy great it sent and as soon as I thought that my phone buzzed back

From Niall<33-

Cute c; did you take a bubble bath by any chance?

Ha yea sorry I was just trying to get your attention c: and anyways...

I was wondering if you'd like to hang out in the little abandoned park with me today in like 20 minutes?

Oh my gosh I'm going to hang out with Nia- wait whoa how did he know I was taking a bath let alone with bubbles in it freaky. Ha whatever I thought so I decided I would go and so I replied back with

To Niall<33-

I would so love to hang in about 20 minutes so I'll just go get ready now :)

Just as soon as I sent that like not even 45 seconds later I had a reply.

From Niall<33-

That's great, but from where I'm at you look fantastic in that towel.

You should probably remove it though because you would look ten times more amazing.

Oh better yet let me help with that c;

Oh my fucking god he's watching me sit here in a towel. I ran over and looked and there he was just standing there looking at me. You know this could be kind of fun, but I don't want to sound to easy. God Damn though he is fine.

To Niall<33-

Ha I see you and you see me... You should climb to my balcony

and come in here with me. Keep me some company. 20 minutes will go by fast ;)

Sent. Oh my what the hell was I getting myself into. I didn't know but I liked it, but even though I know it's wrong it's exciting. As I kept in my thoughts my phone buzzed.

From Niall<33-

So I see you have almost two hearts by my name.

Cute, and might I say turn around c:!

Was I really that revolved in my thoughts I didn't even hear him come in. As I turned around I saw him he was standing right there oh my gosh he is so cute. My towel was tugged down, and I suddenly felt his warm hands around my waist as I looked up at him because I was afraid of what he would think of my body like was I to fat. He gasped and looked at me. "Explain NOW!!" he said as he raised his voice. I'm done for was all I could think.


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