Those Pretty Red Lips

Who could fight those pretty red lips of her.... He can't

Want to find out who? Read my Fan Fic Those Pretty Red Lips


5. Chapter Five- An Explanation, and a Sexual Experience

Just p.s. Im going to use a smaller size i feel it's too big :)


"Can you explain to me why your bones are sticking out the far? Wha-what are those scars from cutting? What have you done to yourself?" he asked, but I was silent then I was ripped away. "Answer me god damn it. I want to know why you would do this to yourself?" he kind of sounded seriously pissed, but I couldn't find the words to say anything. "I-I-I don't want to speak of why I do the stuff I do. The hint and only hint you have is my childhood and the way I was tortured and it was horrible, but if you stick around long enough with me through everything then maybe you will find out." I replied with such an empty stare. Next thing I know I was being lifted of the ground and put on to the bed. I suddenly snapped out of my trans when I felt a nice pair of pink plump lips on my neck a slight whimper and moan left my lips It wasn't meant to though, but I could feel his lips form a smile on my neck. He was creeping lower and lower. My dear baby Jesus why can't he just touch me already I thought. Without even a care in the world that I was still a virgin one-two and three fingers were plunged into me as they were shifted in and out in an accurate speed... in me all at one time. A sharp pain shot through my body as I arched my back, and I whimpered in pain. It all went away in less than a blink of an eye and now I was melting into the bed in amounts of pleasure. "Oh my god Horan mmhm" I stated as I heard a little giggle when he suddenly took all his fingers out and grabbed the curvature of my sides and starting sucking lightly over every inch of my body. I have had enough oh jeez he's teasing and it's pissing me off. "Horan do something now and stop teasing." right as I said that he trailed right to my inner thighs and started kissing on both of them as he dragged the tip of his finger between my slit I cursed his name in pleasure as I was watching him- he lightly pressed his lips to my lips down there "Jesus fuck" I moaned as he continued to lightly kiss don there his tongue slipped straight in made circles and went in and out of my entrance. He stuck his thumb right on my warm wet clit and he started circling on it while he was still eating on me. I felt like my head was spinning and my tummy was on fire and doing circles. I knew he could feel I was at my high and I knew he could feel the warmth radiating off of my entrance because he smiled and winked. I was just about to moan out in pleasure and cum when it turned into a gasp,  but not of pleasure but of hurt, fear, memories and tears all at once. I screamed and shot straight up away from him as tears were pouring out of my eyes. How could I let him do this to me, and I barley knew him. I just didn't feel right, but yet I did because once he touched all those memories came flooding back but he didn't hurt me like the people in my memories did. He was gentle with me, and made me feel good for once in my life I felt good so good . The memories of my dad, step dad, and a friend of his. Oh my god I couldn't do this just not right now I needed time. As I made eye contact with him he looked pretty shocked, confused, hurt,  worried, but yet understanding, but right as he was about to speak I passed out and was in complete darkness.

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