Thousands of Miles Apart

what happens when your third grade best friends suddenly became your worst nightmare?This is Victoria's life as a freshman,but when the worlds biggest boyband decide to take a vacation in her town will faith bring her torwards him? or will they ever meet? Read to find out


1. My Life

   Hi,My name is Victoria.I know i may sound popular right? well I'm not.I am a big freak that nobody likes except for my only best friend and my only friend,Richelle. We are those two people in the school that everyone laughs at and makes fun of. Richelle know how to deal with it,but I on the other hand can not deal with peoples comments.I have anxiety,I always have panic attacks,and i hate when people stare at me.I know I'm ugly.Everyday I'm called fat,stupid.slut.whore.bitch,I just cant stand it.The only way I keep my-self from committing suicide is my favorite band One Direction. Now that i think of it,I have no chance what so ever meeting them,i might as well do it. 


  school is over and im walking to the bridge.its at least 12 feet above fast flowing water that leads to a waterfall.i was about to jump when i was pulled back and I heard familiar voices.

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