Thousands of Miles Apart

what happens when your third grade best friends suddenly became your worst nightmare?This is Victoria's life as a freshman,but when the worlds biggest boyband decide to take a vacation in her town will faith bring her torwards him? or will they ever meet? Read to find out


2. Hey,Old Besties

        "Killing your self already?" asked Rebecca. "She deserves to die" said Ashely. "More like jump off of a roller coaster in to a pit of lava" Replied Rachel. "What do you want?'' I mumbled. "We want to see the moment you die"  Rebecca said. "Why do you even hate me?" i asked them. "You left us at lunch alone so you could talk to other people" she replied. "Am I not allowed to talk to other people?'' "of course not,we were your best friends" "yep,were.'' I mumbled to myself. "I just wish you would jump off that bridge now" Ashely said "Your wish is my command" i said while standing on the edge of the bridge and falling backwards. All I heard were girls laughing and someone jumping in the water. Then it all blacked out.

        -Louis' p.o.v-

     Me and the boys were all heading out to a bridge I used to go to when i was a kid. I heard someone saying "I wish you would jump off that bridge now." and someone replied "Your wish is my command". I didnt even know what was going on but all I knew was that someone just commited suicide and is going to die. I ran as fast as i could then jumped into the river. i saw a girl looking lifeless just floating in the water.she was very beautiful,but now is not the time to think about that.I swam over to her and picked her up bride style then layed her on the ground.She wasn't breathing so i gave her mouth to mouth.Her eyes started to flicker open and then she started to breath again. I was glad she was awake but I dont even know her name to start a conversation with her.''Where am i and who are you?'' "I'm Louis Tomlinson from the band One Direction. Whats your name love?" i asked her. "My name is Victoria,i would like to say I am a huge fan of yours" she said trying not to fangirl. she was really cute,I wanna know why she would try to do that,but I guess thats not the time to ask that.

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