How it all started Liam Payne

Hi! My name is Jordan. I'm 17, I have 2 best friends. Their names are Sandy and Jacob. I'm a junior in High school.

There is this new kid, he is pretty good looking. But I would never admit that to anyone. Only because Jacob is very protective and he would hurt the kid, or scare him away.


2. Liam

We were still in first hour chem, when Jacob looks at me and says, " You like him, don't you. Because I think he likes you." " Really you think he likes me?" I asked him. "Yeah he can't take his eyes off you." All of a sudden the bell rings and Jacob walks me out of class like he did last year, even though his other friends make fun of him for it, i think it is really sweet. Jacob walks off to history and I go to trig. This should be fun. When i went to go get my books from my locker I look over to see Liam walking to my locker. " Hey, what class do you have next?" I ask him. "Trig, you?" "SAME HERE!" "Awesome, so do you know where it is?" he asked me, "Umm i think its this way." I point in a ramdom direction. " Well guess we will find out." Me and Liam started to walk to trig and all i could think about is how cute he is.




All I could do in chemistry is stair at Jordan. She is so cute, but I couldn't help but wonder who is sitting next to her and why he keeps looking at her the way he does. Once the bell rang for next class i walk behind them and just follow her to her locker and see that she is close to mine. She then turned around and saw me. We talked for a few minutes and found out that we have the same class next. We walked to our next class, my hand brushing hers a few times. God all i could think about is how cute and adorable she is. I want her to be mine. But we just met and that isn't good. All of a sudden my phone went off. When i took it out i saw that it was my ex-girlfriend Stephanie


"Hey bebe, wanna come over after you get out of school so we can work things out"


"No, i moved on, i don't want to be hurt again by you, u cheated on me, why should i trust you."


I then put my phone away and looked up to see Jordan looking at me funny. " You ok, you had a weird face on when you were texting someone. Is everything ok?" "OH! Yeah everything's fine, we better get going only have one minute till class." "Yeah lets go." We finally made it to class right when the bell rang. I was lucky and there were two seats by each other and they were in the back. We took our seats and the teacher began his lesson.

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