How it all started Liam Payne

Hi! My name is Jordan. I'm 17, I have 2 best friends. Their names are Sandy and Jacob. I'm a junior in High school.

There is this new kid, he is pretty good looking. But I would never admit that to anyone. Only because Jacob is very protective and he would hurt the kid, or scare him away.


10. kiddnaping

Sorry this is short, be its an update. I'm trying to update as much as possible. I just have a ton of homework and have been having problems with my friends and my crush. I hope you can forgive me.



Wow, I can’t believe this. Everyday Jordan has been blowing me off for Jacob. Granted with Zak out of jail and everything that he has done to her and Jacob being there when it happened he knows more than me. But she won’t even tell me how I can help her. I want to help her. She is MY girlfriend. Not Jacob’s Not Zak’s. She’s MINE. I know I may sound selfish right now. But I can’t help it. She is so beautiful I don’t want to lose her. She’s making it hard for me to help her when she isn’t telling me anything. It just makes me wonder what is going on between her and Jacob.


                                                                                *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP*


My phone started to vibrate. When I pulled it out I had 3 new messages from Jacob. I was about to put it away when a text stood out of all of them.... “Liam, you need to get your ass over to Jordans NOW! I’m not joking LIKE NOW! HURRY!” After reading that text I ran to her house. Once I got there Jacob saw me and opened the door. “What the hell is going on?” I ask him. “I can’t find Jordan. And I know you haven’t seen her in a few days. I’m just worried Zak got her. If he did no telling what he can do.” “Jacob, where do you think he could have taken her?” “Theres no say in that. Just come on, we have to find her.” Jacob and I were trying to come up with a plan when his phone went off.


 “Who is it Jacob? I asked him. He showed me his phone and the text read : “If you want to see Jordan ever again, I sagest you come find her and fast.” “Who the hell is that on Jordan’s phone?!” I yell, but I have a good guess on who it is. “Looks like it is Zak. But it could be anyone he hired to come get her.” “Looks like we have to start looking now. Or we could lose her forever.” Jacob told me. This just made me want to cry. Why does he want to hurt her so bad. What did she do to deserve this?



Ow. Why does my head hurt so bad. WAIT, where the hell am I. I looked around the room, it looks like i’m in a basement or something. This is creepy. WAIT better question. HOW THE HELL did I get down here. I don’t remember going down to a basement. I don’t remember drinking anything. So how in the HELL did I get down here. Why has no one come down here. Why is it so quite. I don’t like the quite. I think to much in the quite. Why can’t i scream for help. Why am I so scared. DAMN IT Jordan stop it. Stop thinking and try to figure out where the hell you are. Just then the door opened. “Ahh look who is finally up.” “Where am I? Who are you, and what do you want with me?” “Well if I tell you any of that it wouldn’t be any fun, now would it?” He then left me to think of what he said. Who the hell was that and what does he mean by what he said?

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