How it all started Liam Payne

Hi! My name is Jordan. I'm 17, I have 2 best friends. Their names are Sandy and Jacob. I'm a junior in High school.

There is this new kid, he is pretty good looking. But I would never admit that to anyone. Only because Jacob is very protective and he would hurt the kid, or scare him away.


11. home


Why can’t Zak come out and just tell me what he wants. I know this is his idea. I know he has to be the one behind all of this. Right now, I’m more mad than scared. But I know once I see him i’m going to get really scared. God why does he have to be so scary. Why the hell did I have to date him. He is the one that caused all of this pain I have. He is the one that made me who I am today. Scared to be close to anyone. Afraid they are going to hurt me. Thats why I never let anything happen with Liam. I can’t risk him getting hurt. I hope they aren’t trying to find me, because then they will get hurt. I can’t lose Jacob just like I can’t lose Liam. Jacob is the only one I really let get close to me. Everyone else doesn’t know fully what Zak has done to me. They only know bits of the story. And thats how I want it to be. I don’t like people knowing what has happened to me, because then they give me sympathy. And I seriously hate that. I got it when my dad died. Yes me and him really close. But you can’t help when it happens. Do I wish I was there when he died so I could have said goodbye, hell yeah. But when it happened I was only like 7. So, nothing I can do now. Nothing will bring him back. I wish he was here now, because he was a cop and he always knew where I was even if I didn’t tell him where I was. Thats how good he was. He somewhat showed my older brother. Yes I have an older brother.


Well had, He was in the car with my dad. I don’t want to get into that. Lets just say I go into his room a lot. Just to feel that he is here with me relieves my stress from everything. You can say me and him were really close, considering me and him were brother and sister. He protected me from everything. I wish he was still here. God Jordan stop thinking. Once my mind stopped running on and on about my dad and brother the door opened. “Hello there.” This guy said, he looks my age. “H-Hello, w-what do y-you want with m-me?” “Shh, I’m going to help you get out, do you remember me from school?” “Jason?” “Yes, now look, Zak is coming down soon. He wants you to either give him what he wants and you don’t get hurt. Or, you don’t and he said that his face will be the last thing you see.” He said very quietly. “Why are you telling me this?” “I know Jacob and he would hate to see you hurt.” “Well thank you Jason.” “No problem, anything for a friend, and I hope me and you can talk more after this.” “Sure thing, you just helped me.” After I said that he left and in came Zak. Once I saw his face I got so scared. “So did Jason tell you the plan.” Zak said with a smirk. All I could do is shake my head yes. “Good. Then you know that if you don’t give me what I want, you die.” I shake my head yes again. “Good, lets get started then. Shall we.”



God I hope we find Jordan. “Look man, we will find her. Her dad put a tracking devise in her phone, and he gave only few people access to it. Thank god i’m one of them.” Jacob told me. “Wait why did he put a tracking devise in her phone?” I asked him. “When she was 7 she would always go places without telling anyone. So they got her a phone and he put it in there.” “Oh.” Jacob got onto the computer and put in everything that was needed. “I know that house. That is the house down the street from my ex-girlfriend. Damn, got to go down there. I hate this guy for this. He knew I would come looking for Jordan so he had to pick this house. Damn him.” Jacob looked down and looked really pissed. “Lets get going. Before its to late.” The next thing we know the door opens and in comes Jordan and she looks really spooked. “JORDAN!” Me and Jacob yell. She jumped like 5 feet off the ground. What the hell did he do to her. “Jordan, what did he do to you?” Jacob asked softly. “I don’t want to talk about it in front of Liam. Please, Jacob you are the one closest to me. Don’t make me say it right now.” “Jordan, please tell us, I want to be close to you. I care about you, we were just about to come find you. We were so scared. What did he do to you. Please tell us.” I begged her. I don’t like her hiding things from me.


 “Fine. But sit down.” We all sat down. She took a deep breath. “Don’t get mad at me, but he told me the only way I could get out was to do what he wanted, if I didn’t he would kill me on the spot....” She paused for a moment. “He made me....” She was crying by this point. I got up and went to her putting my hand on her shoulder. She screamed and shot up. “Sorry, umm he made me.... He made me, He rapped me.” She finally said. I feel so bad for her. “We have to call the police and report this.” I tell them. They look at each other and her eyes go big, Jacob just sits there not saying anything. “Where is the phone?” Jacob says. “What the hell are you two doing? Are you trying to get me killed. He almost killed me once. I can’t go though that again. If he has anything to do with it, if we call the police he will kill me in my sleep!” She yells at us. But we were already on the phone with the lady in charge. “We got all of that sir, Someone will be there shortly.” And she hung up. They didn’t ask for an address or anything. Looks like they know this number and where they live.

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