How it all started Liam Payne

Hi! My name is Jordan. I'm 17, I have 2 best friends. Their names are Sandy and Jacob. I'm a junior in High school.

There is this new kid, he is pretty good looking. But I would never admit that to anyone. Only because Jacob is very protective and he would hurt the kid, or scare him away.


9. finding out


 I was walking to school today. Its Friday. Normally I would drive. But i needed time to think. I guess Liam and Jacob noticed me walking because all I could hear were them calling my name. “JORDAN! WAIT UP!” They said in unison. Well this can’t get any worse. Once they caught up to me they asked me. “Why are you walking?” “Just to think.....” And I elbow Jacob in the ribs because he knows why I needed to think. “OH! Ok. You just scared me. Because of last night and everything that has happened.” Great now Liam is going to ask what happened last night. “What the hell happened last night!” Liam asked kinda mad. “Don’t be mad, this wasn’t my fault or Jacob’s fault. Stupid ZAK.” I say the last part under my breath. Well I thought I did. “NOW WHO THE HELL IS ZAK!” Liam yells this time. “He was Jordan’s ex-boyfriend. He scares the crap out of me and her. He went to jail for......” Jacob looked at me as if he was asking permission to finish. He got up to most of it, so why not. I wasn’t planning on telling Liam yet. But looks like its time to get judged. So I shook my head yes. “Zak went to jail for battery against his girlfriend.” Jacob finished and when I looked up into Liam’s eyes, they looked like he was about to cry. “Jordan, I didn’t know you had a boyfriend. Let alone an abusive one.” “I don’t want anyone to know. Its embarrassing, and people will judge me. Jacob was there when he was abusing me. He’s the one that called the police on him.” I said kind of quite. They both looked at me. “Jordan, no one will judge you. We promise.” Jacob said. I looked at them both, in the eyes. They both had the same look on their faces. Worry.


 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~AT SCHOOL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


All I heard throughout school was people talking about Zak. People would say things like, “He’s out” and “What’s going to happen to Jordan?”. WOW. People really care about me. James was the talk of the school today. I’m scared because some people were saying that he is coming back to school today. “HEY JORDAN!” I turned around really fast to see Sandy right there. “OH GOD, YOU SCARED ME TO DEATH, I THOUGHT YOU WERE ZAK!” I yelled at her. People were starring but I don’t care at this point. “Oh, well if he has a girly voice then I do.” She said with a smile on her face. Which brought one to mine as well. “Lets get to class.” Just as we were walking we heard someone call out my name. I know that voice. That voice gives me nightmares at night. Where is Jacob or Liam when I need them. Me and Sandy kept walking like we didn’t hear anything. “JORDAN!” James yelled very angry now. Oh god. Some one help me. Just then Jacob came around the corner and saw Zak. Jacob ran up to me and Sandy saying, “Lets get both of you out of here.” Thank god I have my next class with Liam.




 I saw Jacob, Sandy and Jordan run into class. “Stay with Liam. Got it, don’t you dare leave his side. Help me god if I lose you to that physic-odic ex-boyfriend of yours. There will be hell to pay. Got it. I can’t lose you. Don’t leave his side. I’m going to walk Sandy to class. Go by Liam and stay by him.” Jacob just left. Jordan looked like she was about to cry. So I ran up to her. “Babe whats wrong?” “He’s here, he’s here. Zak is here and he was following me and Sandy to class till Jacob came. He yelled my name and when I didn’t turn around he started to get mad and me and Sandy were so scared Jacob had to walk us to class to make sure nothing happened to us.” She said so scared. “Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone hurt you. I promise you that. I’m your boyfriend now. Nothing will happen. I won’t let it happen.” “Thank you so much Liam, your the best.” She sat down once the bell rang. This is going to be a long day I know it. Of course me and Jordan are in the back. So I got to text her. But one came in that I would have never expected.


“Hey sweetie, I miss u."


 "Plz text me back.” Its my ex girlfriend Nikki. God she won’t leave me alone.


“I have a gf now. Plz leave me alone.”


 I went back to texting Jordan till the bell rang. After this bell we go home. Thank god this day is almost over. It has been one hell of a day. Just found out that my girlfriends ex boyfriend is after her for him going to jail. All I have seen her do all day is cry. I’ve tried to help as much as I can. But I don’t know what happened. So the best I can do is try to stop the tears.

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