How it all started Liam Payne

Hi! My name is Jordan. I'm 17, I have 2 best friends. Their names are Sandy and Jacob. I'm a junior in High school.

There is this new kid, he is pretty good looking. But I would never admit that to anyone. Only because Jacob is very protective and he would hurt the kid, or scare him away.


5. dinner with him

JORDANS P.O.V I got into my room and I ran to my closet. I was throwing things out of there.... until i came across the right top and jeans. I found a light blue top and red skinnys, with black sandals. I put my hair up in a high pony tail and re-did my makeup. I just put on enough to make it look like I had some on. After that I ran down stairs to start dinner. I got half way done with dinner when someone knocked on the door. “ I’m coming!” I yelled. “Veronica come finish dinner while i get the door!” I yelled up to her. She came down in white skinny jeans and a red top, she had her Nikes on also. “Don’t you look nice for someone.” She said while smirking. “Shut-up, I have to get the door.” When I opened the door, there he stood, right in front of me. “Well hello there, nice of you to come over for dinner.” I said vary politely. “Its nice to be here, you have a lovely home.” Liam said while walking in. We sat down at the table when mine and Veronicas mum came walking in. “Hello there, you must be Liam. Welcome to Woodside. I hope you liked the first day of school.” My mum said nicely. “I did vary much, and you have a lovely home. I was just telling Jordan about how i love your home. It seems so nice and cozy here.” Liam said to my mum. It looks like he made a good first impression on her. Well now all we have to do is get though dinner without him bringing up our father and we will be fine.




I couldn’t help but notice that its 8 o'clock and Jordan’s father isn’t home. “Hey, Jordan, may I ask where your father is?” She hesitated. After about 4 minutes she finally spoke, “He is.....” I cut her off, “You don’t have to tell me, I was just wondering because its its after 8 and he isn’t here. Does he work late?” “No. He died in a car accident when I was 10 and Veronica was 7. We haven’t been the same since then.” “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have brought it up. I’m sorry.” “Its ok, you didn’t know. Really only my two closest friends know about this.” We sat there for a few more minutes, then her mum asked her to show me around the house. “And this is my room.” We walked in and she sat on her bed. I sat on the floor, she looked down at me, and she smiled. “You do know that you can sit on my bed or in my desk chair?” “OH, ok.” So I sat on her bed next to her. We sat there for a few minutes in silence, until i asked her. “Your boyfriend looks really protective of you, i bet he doesn’t like that you are with me right now, does he?” She looked at me and laughed. “Whats so funny?” I asked her. “Well one, you think i have a boyfriend, two you are so serious about it.” “Well yeah, he looks like he loves you a lot..... WAIT what do you mean i think you have a boyfriend, isn’t that kid that you were with today your boyfriend?” “NO! He’s my best guy friend. I don’t see him like that. I've known him since first grade.” “Oh.... So you don’t have a boyfriend?” “No, I don’t.” I looked at her and all of a sudden I don’t know what happened but, she leaned in and so did I. We kissed. It was the best kiss I have ever had.

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