Malibu Magic

Ariana, Sunny, and Livy go to visit Malibu for the summer to celebrate their 17th birthday. But one bicycle crash, can lead them to their wildest dreams...


3. Kissing, Spying, and Siblings

Niall's POV

I brought Ariana up to my room and laid her on my bed, put a cool washcloth on her head, and just took time to look at her. Beautiful, butt long, extremely curly, cherry red hair with bright bright BRIGHT neon purple dip-dyed ends. She was considerably short. But it was cute. She has a extremely athletic build and a amazingly beautiful bone structure. She is curvy in all the right places, if ya know what I mean. That bikini makes her look sexy. She even had a faint v-line and a faint 6-pack. And Ariana has a flawless face. No pimples or freckles, and EXTREMELY tan. She is just beautiful. 
"Wha..." She said. Her eyes fluttered open. 
"Hello love. I'm Niall Horan. Me and the lads brought you girls here because we saw you had crashed your bike," I said. 
"Oh, wait, did you say Niall Horan?"
"Yes and please don't scream. You'll scare the lads, wait, do you wanna pull a prank on the lads and your friends?" I asked. I loved pranksters. 
"Yes!" She exclaimed, "I love pulling pranks!" I am in love. And I'm being serious. We discussed the plan and I went downstairs. 
"Hey guys. She's still asleep," I said. They all nodded. A minute later Ariana came down the stairs, moaning and groaning. I put on my best confused look face. While everybody else was really confused. Then, when she got downstairs, she shambled over to me and bit me. I screamed in agony. Jk. It was part of the act. She put red lipstick on her teeth to leave teeth marks. Once she released I closed my eyes, waited 30 secs, and opened them then I started moaning and groaning and shambling towards the lads and girls. We started biting them, they started screaming, Harry grabbed Livy and ran, and so far we've bitten Sunny, Louis, and Liam. Then I bit Paul and Ariana bit Zayn and she made eye contact with me. We started cracking up laughing. God their faces were priceless. Shock, anger, confusion, and pure shock. 
"I can't believe y'all feel for that!" Ariana laughed. Harry and Livy came back and Harry looked furious. It was hilarious! Once me and Ariana caught our breath, we tried to explain, but failed miserably because we kept laughing. Harry, Liam, and Sunny were all mad, Zayn and Paul were just confused, and Livy and Louis were laughing with us. 
"Ari!" Sunny yelled, "you scared the crap outta us!" She was red with anger. Sweetness. Once we all got over the prank, we all started talking. 
"So y'all are visiting for the whole summer?" Louis asked. 
"Yes!" Sunny shrieked, "I'm so excited!" We talked about other various stuff until it was dinner time. 

Louis' POV

"FOOOOOD!!!!!" Sunny and Niall yelled at the same time, "hey do you wanna be food buddies? Yes of course!!!" They also said at the same time then they high-fived eachother and ran into the kitchen. They were gonna be pals. I could already tell they were gonna be great pals, or shall I say food buddies. Then I got hit in the face with a potato and Niall and Sunny started screaming, "POTATOS!!!!!!" While throwing potatos at everyone. See. Didn't I tell you. Then Sunny jumped on my back and whispered to me to take her to my room. We managed to sneak away to my room an she flopped down on my bed. 

"Come here," she said while holding here arms out to me. She had light, super shiny, strait, shoulder long, golden hair that had neon green, blue, pink, and purple streaks, and she was she was extremely skinny with some beautiful curves and tall, which was adorable. She had big lips and cute, chubby cheeks. I wanted her so bad even though we just met. I went and layed down next to her and she cuddled up to my chest. Oh god. 

"Sunny, I think in in love with you," I said before crashing my lips against hers, and she started kissing back. 

Sunny's POV

"Sunny, I think I'm in love with you," he said before crashing his lips against mine, and I started kissing him back. I rolled to where I was straddling him and we were still kissing. Oh my gosh. I was making out with Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. I was mentally fangirling. But I kept my cool because we were making out. I felt sparks. And I hope he did to. It was magical. We pulled apart to catch out breath. 

"That was..." Louis finished my sentence. 

"Magical," he finished. 

"Sparks," I said. 

"Yes," he said before I smashed my lips into his. I was in love. We made out for a few more minutes and decided to go downstairs. He grabbed my hand and opened the door only to find 6 laughing people fall into Louis' room. I went up and slapped them all, really hard. 

"Ooww!!" Niall yelled, "food buddy, what was that for?"

"Oops! You have no right to spy on me and Louis! We should be able to have some privacy!" I said, and started lecturing them about privacy while Louis just stood there awkwardly. Once I was done, I grabbed Louis' hand, marched downstairs, commanded him to sit on the couch, and then I sat on his lap. Everybody followed. 

"Wait, Niall, before you sit down can you get me some food?" I said while giving him my puppy dog face. 

"Why of course food bubby!" He exclaimed skipping to the kitchen. Weird boy. He brought me back a tub of chocolate ice cream. I love this boy. 

"Ice cream!!" I shrieked, while grabbing Niall and the ice cream and pulling him outside to the backyard, sitting down, and then we started talking. 

"You got me a ice cream scoop as a spoon? You know me so well!" I exclaimed. I started digging in. 

"So, here's a question. Do you really like Louis?" He asked. 

"Yes. I do. I felt sparks when we kissed. It was something I had never felt before," I said. He had a smile on his face. 

"That's great. And I have something to tell you. I'm your brother." I dropped the spoon. 

"My brother?" I questioned, "how do you know for sure?"

"Well, mom told me I had a sister that lived in the states because right after you was born, she sent you to a different family because she couldn't afford you. She told me you had eyes that were brighter than the sun, and when I saw you, I had a gut instinct. It's you," we sat in silence for a couple minutes, "we can go get a blood test to be sure," he said. 

"Ya. Lets go," I responded getting up. 

"Me and Niall are going out to eat. Be back in a few hours," I said passing through the living room, out the front door, and into Niall's Range Rover. We drove to the place in silence. When we got there, they took blood samples and we waited for the results. The doctor came up to us. 

"Well," he waited a long pause, "you're related! Congratulations!" He walked out.

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