Malibu Magic

Ariana, Sunny, and Livy go to visit Malibu for the summer to celebrate their 17th birthday. But one bicycle crash, can lead them to their wildest dreams...


6. Interview, Another Friend, and Fast Food

Livy's POV

We got ready for the interview. Ari was wearing a faded the Beatles tour shirt, some black booty jean shorts, and black high tops. Sunny was wearing a flowey, mid-thigh, flower pattern dress with gold sandals. And I was wearing a blue shiny metallic booty shorts, a matching shiny blue crop top that hangs off my shoulder and says in white, 'BOYFRIEND'. Harry walks in wearing.... A shiny blue shirt. That says 'GIRLFRIEND' with "WILL YOU BE MY" pinned above it.

"Hey beautiful. Like the shirt?" He smiles sheepishly.

"No." I reply.

"No?!" He replies, his eyes getting watery.

"No, I love it." I say, walking towards Harry and wrapping my arms around him.

"Y-you do?" He stutters.

"Of course!!" I smile and stretch up to kiss his cheek. He turns his head at the last second and our lips meet. He leans down so I don't have to stretch as far and wraps his arms around my waist. He slid his hands up my stomach and up my crop top. I pushed him down. 

"Down boy," I whispered, "now why don't you go change," I went in for one last kiss and he went to change. Once all the boys were ready, we headed to the tv interview on ELLEN. Once we got there the boys went on stage and the interview started. Up came the pic of Ariana and Niall kissing on the roller coaster. They both started madly blushing. 

"So Niall," Ellen said, "who is this mystery girl?" All the crowd started cheering. 

"That's my girlfriend who is actually here now," he said motioning for Ariana to come onstage. She skipped onstage, sat on Niall's lap, an kissed his cheek which sent a wave of 'awws' through the crowd and Ellen got a funny look on her face. 

"So what's your name?" She asked. 

"My name is Ariana."

"Pretty name, so, any of you other boys got secret girlfriends the world should know about?" Ellen asked. Louis and Harry raised their hands and then motioned for us to come onstage. The same thing happened. 

At the end of the interview Ellen asked, "so any new news?" Liam and Ariana looked at eachother and stood up. Niall and Sunny did the same. 

"Well, Ariana is, kinda, my sister," Liam said. 

"And Sunny is my sister," Niall said. Ellen looked surprised and then the crowd started cheering. After the interview we went home to relax. 

Niall's POV

Once we got home, me and Ari went to our room. 

She yawned, "interviews are tiring, I don't know how y'all do this stuff every single damn day," she said while stretching and going to get pjs. She went and changed into a tank top and boxers. We cuddled up and went to sleep. The next morning we woke up to teenage girls screaming. Ariana grunted and got up and went to the window. I followed. 

"Jenna?" Ariana yelled over the hundreds of screaming girls. 

Jenna's POV 

"Jenna?" I heard from the balcony up above me. I look up an see Niall... And.... Ariana!!!!!! 

"ARI!!!" I shout back, pushing through the crowd. She disappears from the balcony. A few seconds later she appears in the sliding glass doors. She presses her face against the window and I do the same. She smiles an turns around, calling to someone. Livy and Sunny come bounding into the room, and slam their hands on the glass. I jump back, laughing. I was always the easiest one to scare. They bust up laughing and start signing to me what to do. We all know sign language, we learned it because we ALWAYS talk to each other. Get as close as you can, they sign, We will open the door a crack, be ready to go fast. They smile and nod. I press myself against the door. They all line up at the door, with Livy at the handle. Livy has the fastest reflexes, and I'm the smallest in the group. 

She leans into the handle and starts to shout, "One... Two... Three!!!" She yanks the door open, and I dive through. She slams it closed on a sea of girls as I go barreling into the one and only, LIAM PAYNE!!!

"Oof," he says pulling me really close to keep us from falling, our faces were centimeters apart. Then we hit the ground because Sunny, Livy, and Ariana tackle us. Liam landed with a big thud and I landed on top of him with all the girls on me. Our faces were even closer. His arms were wrapped around me and mine were wrapped around him. The girls got up and peeled me off of Liam. They called the boys down and we all introduced ourselves and sat down on the couches. 

"Jen what took you so long to get here?" Ari asked. 

"You remember my dad died right?" I asked. The girls nodded, "well, on my way to his funeral I got in a car crash, my mom was killed and I have no one left," I said as my eyes started watering. Then I burst into tears. Liam started crying silently as he wrapped his arms around me. I felt safe here, in his arms. 

"That's not true," Livy said as the girls walked up to me and hugged me. 

"You have us now," Sunny said grabbing my hand. 

"All of us, even the guys, we will be with you and love you through it all," Ari finished it off. By that time everybody in the room was crying and hugging eachother. It was an amazing moment. 

Liam's POV

Why did such a bad thing have to happen to such a beautiful girl? She has black hair with bright neon purple roots and neon green streaks. Her hair was strait and it went down to mid-back. And her eyes. They were greener than the greenest forest, Brighter than the brightest grass, they had silver sparkles and gold lines. She was the smallest out of the group of girls. She had some muscle on her though. Plump lips and a toned and tan body. There was a eerie silence through the room. 

Niall, Sunny, and Livy were the first to break it, "I'm HUNGRY!!!" They all yelled at the same time. The there was a roar of laughter, then a argument on where to eat. 

"MCDONALD'S!!!!!!!" Livy yelled. 

"NO!!! WENDY'S!!!!!" Sunny yelled. 

"NOOOOOOO!!! WHATABURGER!!!!!!" Niall screamed like a 4 year old girl. 

"I AGREE WITH NIALL!!!!!!!" Ari yelled as she joined the conversation. 

"YAAAYY!!!!!!!" Niall shrieked as he went over to her and picked her up an kissed her check. That boy is gonna treat my sister like a princess. I can already tell. *insert smiley face here.* 

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