Malibu Magic

Ariana, Sunny, and Livy go to visit Malibu for the summer to celebrate their 17th birthday. But one bicycle crash, can lead them to their wildest dreams...


4. Carnival Catastrophe

Niall's POV

"Oh my god yay!!!" Sunny exclaimed when we got the results jumping into my arms. I have a sister!! I wonder how Greg is going to react to this? How are the boys and girls going to react to this? We decided to go get Chinese food to break the news. We drove up to the house. Sunny looked nervous. 

"You nervous?" I asked. 

"Well, I'm just worried Louis won't like me since I'm his best mate's sister," she said. 

"Don't worry. Louis fell head over heels for you and he fell hard, you'll be fine sis," that made her feel better. We grabbed the food and went inside. 

"Guys, we have something to tell you," Sunny said with huge smile on her face, "everybody sit down." They sat and I started talking. 

"Guys, I'd like you to meet my long lost sister, Sunny," I said. Their mouths opened wide and their eyes went big. The first one to start squealing was Louis. I swear he could be such a girl at times. He ran up and picked Sunny up. Then Ariana ran up to me and she jumped into my arms for a Horan Hug. She was considerably short (like 3 inches shorter than me) so she actually had to jump. After all this congratulatory stuff we ate. YAY!!! Once we were done, we decided to play just dance 4. Ariana was by far the best! It was funny too. Liam, Ariana, and I were in perfect sync with our dance moves. The rest were just horrible. No offense to the girls 'cause we just met, but still. It was hilarious. I looked at the wall clock. 1:00 AM!!! We've played for that long?! Then I looked at everyone and Sunny was asleep in the recliner and Louis, Harry, and Zayn were dogpiled on top of Paul on the couch asleep. Cute. I quickly snapped a pic and posted it on twitter saying: 'Aw. How cute. This is what 6 hrs of just dance does to you.' Then i tagged them all. They were probably gonna kill me, but it was still funny. Then Liam, Livy, and Ariana were still playing just dance. She had taken off her shorts and was just in a bikini. That was hot. They were dancing to Call Me Maybe. I ran up and joined in and started dancing really badly on purpose. Ariana started laughing and joined in. Then Liam and Livy did too. I don't see how we still had so much energy. Once the song was over I went and grabbed each of us a water and we took a break. I sat down and Ariana came and sat on my lap. 

Ariana yawned, "you tired love?" I asked. She nodded. I picked her up and carried her up the stairs to my room, then I sat her down on my bed and gave her some sweats, a t-shirt, and a hoodie which were considerably huge on her. It was cute. Once she finished changing she layed down in my bed and patted the spot next to her. I layed down and pulled the covers up on us and she cuddled up to my chest. That was the last thing I remembered before falling asleep. 

Ariana's POV

I woke up cuddled in Niall's arms. I remembered all of last night ad smiled. Niall's eyes fluttered open. 

"Hello beautiful," he said. We both sniffed the air and made eye contact. 

"BACON!!!!!" We screamed simultaneously before jumping outta bed and sprinting downstairs, but while I was going down the stairs I tripped over the oversized hoodie because it went down to below my knees and I went tumbling into Zayn who was still asleep on the couch. Oops. I'm such a clutz. 

"Oooff!" He practically yelled, he looked at me then he yelled, "Liam are you sure your not related to this chick! She is clumsier than you!" Then Liam got a funny look on his face. I got off and helped him off the couch. Then I went to the kitchen to get what I was looking for in the first place. I got there and Harry handed me a plate with 4 big chocolate chip pancakes and bacon on it. I ate it in less than 5 minutes. Everybody just stared at me. 

"What? I was hungry," I said patting my belly. The laughed. And so did I. Once we were done eating we started talking. 

"Hey do y'all wanna go to the carnival?" Niall asked snaking his hand around my waist. 

"Ya, but we don't have our clothes. They're back at the hotel," Livy said. 

"It's cool, we can stop by there, get your bags, and come back here to get ready," Louis said while dragging Sunny out the door. When they got back we got ready. I was wearing ripped and frayed jean booty shorts with writing all over them, my neon purple bikini, my gold, black, and purple high tops, and a crop top white see through tank top. Sunny was wearing her gold bikini, jean booty shorts, gold sandals, and a black see through shirt. And Livy was wearing a light blue bikini, a black see through zebra print crop top, some sequined blue booty shorts, and sparkly black wedges. We got into their One Direction van they shared and went to the carnival. We got there and hopped out. Then I got on Niall's back and we went to the entrance, payed, and went in. 

"Rowercoastwer first pwease?!" I begged. 

"Yes!!" Louis yelled in response. They had their hoods up and glasses on so nobody recognized them which was good. Niall sat me down and we ran to the roller coaster like little kids. Once we got off The rollercoaster I ran to a trash can and threw up. Niall, Louis, Liam, and Livy did the same. I guess it was a bad idea for us to eat before we got there. After a lot of other rides there was one ride left. 

"Ariana you're my Ferris wheel buddy!" Niall said pulling me toward the cart. Once we were in, we got to the top and stopped. Niall got down on one knee. What the hell is he doing. He pulled out a box and opened it to reveal a charm bracelet with a 3 leaf clover, a Irish flag, a letter N, a letter A, a microphone, and a 1D symbol. 

He spoke, "Ariana, I know we only met, but would you do the honors of being my princess?" I started crying, in shock and joy. I huge grin appeared on my face. 

"Yes, absolutely, of course," I said before he stood up an kissed me. It was passionate, filled with love, just, magical. We pulled apart, gasping for breath. He put the bracelet on my wrist and the Ferris wheel started again. Once we got to the bottom, I showed off my new bracelet and we went to the van. 

Then some random girl screamed, "Look it's ONE DIRECTION!!!" Then there was a stampede of girls coming towards us. We started running, and being the clutz I am, I tripped and fell on my knee that I fell off my bike on and again came the shooting pain, but this time I didn't black out. I looked down and saw a lot of blood. 

"NIALL!!!" I screamed. He looked back, made a dash for me, picked me up, and continued running. This boy is my superman. My knee kept throbbing, it was bleeding, and it hurt really bad. The others were already in the van by the time we got there, so Niall jumped in, while still carrying me, and Harry started driving. 

I looked down at my knee, "Niall," I whispered, "my knee." It was swelling up and turning a ugly shade of purple, green, blue, and black, with a lot of blood. 

"Harry," Niall said urgently. 

"Ya mate?"

"Hospital, now," Niall said with a worried look. 

"Why?" Liam asked. Niall pointed to my knee which kept getting bigger, "Ya Harry, take us to a hospital," Liam said urgently while moving closer to get a better look at my knee. He lifted my leg to give it elevation. When we got to the hospital Niall picked me up bridal style, being extra careful with my knee, and carried me to the front desk. 

The receptionist looked up from the computer an gasped when she saw my knee," Oh goodness! Doctor!" Somebody came rushing down the hall and took me away from Niall and into a room. That's when I blacked out. 

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