Malibu Magic

Ariana, Sunny, and Livy go to visit Malibu for the summer to celebrate their 17th birthday. But one bicycle crash, can lead them to their wildest dreams...


5. Another Sibling?!?!

Niall's POV

Somebody just took Ariana away from me and I started to panic. Liam saw and patted me on the shoulder, led me to the waiting area, and made me sit down. I put my head in my hands and a few tears rolled down my face, and Liam was giving me a shoulder massage telling me she is gonna be alright and not to worry. He is the best mate I've ever had. 

Liam's POV

I remember Ariana. My sister. I wanted to tell her so bad. I wanted to tell everyone so bad. I just couldn't get her outta my head. Ugh my long lost sister. The same thing happened with us that happened with Niall and Sunny.

 The doctor came up to us, "we need one of you to donate blood for Ariana's surgery." Niall's eyes went huge. He started panicking even more. They took a sample of each of our blood and came back. 

"Liam you are a perfect match. Are you sure you two aren't related?" He asked. 

"I don't know. Can you check?" I asked already knowing the answer. 

"Of course, just come with us so we can take some of your blood to give to Ariana," he said, leading me into a room. They took some blood and let me go back to the waiting room. About 1hr later the doctor came back. 

"Alright, two things, first Ariana is fine and she can go home now," a look of relief washed over Niall's face. The doctor continued, "and second, Liam," he turned to me, "you and Ariana are related, brother and sister, congratulations," then he walked away and out came Ariana. She ran up to me and hugged me. 

"I'm guessing you got the news?" I asked. She just nodded and stared crying. I let go and directed her to Niall who was about to cry. They held onto eachother and cried until it was time to go. 

Livy's POV

Wow. First Sunny, now Ari. Who's next, me? I don't look like anyone. Except maybe Niall. I have long, wavy blonde hair, dip dyed bright blue, with the underside a neon purple. I'm tallish, have an athletic build, and have weird eyes. My eyes are bright, bright blue, brighter than the bluest sky, from what everybody else says. They have a bright, light green tint and bright purple and pink flecks, and right around my pupils, a sparkly silver burst. Sometimes I think that that's why Sunny, Ari, and I became friends in the first place. Our eyes. We all have weird eyes. Sunny's are brighter than the sun, mine are, well, you know, and Ari's are a mixture of bright bright purple, dark violet, with a splash of sparkly gold around the pupils. I love my eyes!!! Especially when I get compliments on them. I look around and meet Harry's look. Harry, oh my god, he's so hot!!! I hope he likes me...

Harry's POV

Wow. First Niall, now Liam. Who's, next, me? I don't look like anyone. I look around and meet Livy's look. Livy, oh my god, she's so hot!!! I hope she likes me...

Niall's POV

Oh my god I am sooo glad Ariana is ok. But now I have to ask  for Liam's permission to date his sister. God I'm scared. Liam has always bin the protective one. And now he has a sister that I've fallen truly madly deeply in love with. Once we got home I quietly and secretly pulled Liam into his room. 

N: Lilo?
L: Ya mate?
N: We need to talk... About Ariana. 
L: What about her?
N: I know she's your sister but I have fallen head over heels for her and there's no way getting out of this one. I can feel she's the one. Please Liam. She already means the world to me. 
L: *long pause* Yes of course Niall. You can date my sister. But I swear if you hurt her I will kill you. 

He said that with a smile then left. A huge smile then appeared on my face, YEESSS!!!!!!! I get to keep dating Ariana!!! Oh my gawd!!! Niana forEVA!!! Sorry. I'm just happy. Hehe he. I walked into my room to see Ari in some sweats and a white t-shirt. Her back was turned to me so I snuck up to her and snaked my arms around her waist. She looked up, saw me and kissed my nose. 

"Niall," Louis called from downstairs, "you and Ari might wanna see this!" I wondered what it could be. I intertwined my hand in hers and we walked downstairs. They pointed to the Telly. Oh shit... Excuse my French. It was a picture of me and Ariana kissing on the Ferris wheel and the caption read, 'Niall Horan's new girlfriend?' Just then Paul and Simon walked in. 

Paul said, "Boys you have a interview in an hour. Girls you need to come too," this can't be good...

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