99 Days Without You

I stole this from a girl on tumblr who's you know...name I kinda forgot. But it's a really good Larry Stylinson fanfic. So, get you tissues because I'm gonna make y'all cry.


4. Day 5, Day 7 & Day 8


Day 5:
Dear Harry,
We finally began arranging your funeral that day.  I don’t know if it was a bit too early or a bit to late, but all I know is that nobody wanted to do it.  Nobody wanted to accept the fact you were really gone.

Day 6:
Dear Harry,
    I showed the boys the note that day.  Well, I didn’t exactly show it to them.  I left it on the kitchen counter and Zayn had come across it.  He walked into the living room with tears streaming down his face, and began to shout at me.
    He yelled at me for not telling them.  He yelled at me for being selfish.  And he blamed it all on me.
    Niall and Liam tried to calm him down.  But I didn’t blame him for being angry.  I was angry at myself as well.

Day 7:
Dear Harry,    
    A week without you in my life, it feels like an eternity, and I spent the entire day watching old X-Factor videos and interviews of us.  Pretending you were there with me, laughing along.


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