99 Days Without You

I stole this from a girl on tumblr who's you know...name I kinda forgot. But it's a really good Larry Stylinson fanfic. So, get you tissues because I'm gonna make y'all cry.


1. Day 1

Dear Harry,
    I woke up like I did every morning: expecting to find you curled up by my side.  But, when I turned over, the bed was empty, and you nowhere to be spotted.  At first I brushed it off, telling myself that you were just cooking breakfast or showering.  But, the lack of noise throughout the apartment should have deterred me, and I apologize that I didn’t pay mind to it.  I should have known.  I should have stopped you.
    When I finally rose from bed, the silence in the house unnerved me, and that’s when the nerves began to kick in.  I felt lightheaded walking through the flat in search for you, my knees growing weaker with every step I took.
    I guess you could say I finally fell to my knees the moment I found you.  I cried.  A lot actually.  My eyes stung with poisonous tears and my heart pumped with venom at sight of you.  But I don’t blame you, I never have.  I blame myself.
    I will never be able to un-live that day, or erase the image of your cold unmoving body lying still on the floor.  It haunts me every day, and every night.
    I did the only thing I knew how to do, I called the ambulance.  They were in the flat within minuets, carrying you away from me.  I was unable to move, as well as Niall and Zayn, who I had called along with Liam right after the ambulance.  It was Liam who drove us all behind the ambulance, while I silently cried to myself in the backseat.
    I didn’t wanna believe it.


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