A cry

A little girl, lived with her father and stepmom. Her father divorced her mom when she was super young and now she is 13 and her name Casey. "Dad walks in the house." Daddy!!! Have you been drinking again she asked. "IT AINT YOUR BUSSINESS IF I HAVE he screamed loud. "Umm okay dad, sorry."


1. Help

I walk up stairs to my room to write in my diary. "Dear diary, today was so awful at school!!!! People were making fun of me :(( "

I walk to my dresser and pick up my teddy and hugs it. Teddy... i'm scared... what if dad comes drunk?! again like he always does! Oh i hear him!! I'm really scared she cries. CASEYY!!! WHERE ARE YOU?! he screams. I'm up here daddy she says. Her father opens the door. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU TO STAIR DOWN STAIRS YOU PIECE OF TRASH?! he says. Um-uh- i'm... so sorry daddy!! She cries. He then slapps her and drags her down the stairs and beats her. Now  you shall learn your lesson you little brat. She cries and runs outside with her teddy she was still holding while she was beaten..... The teddy had blood all over it from everytime she was beaten.. Her teddy was her only friend. She went to the park and sat down byself just saying there. A boy her age looks at her, watching her tears falls. He asks his mom if he could go over there and walks to her. Hey,, What's wrong, why are you crying he asked sadly. Oh-um i fell when i got here... she said lying. Oh i'm so sorry! he said. It's okay... Um- i'm Josh he said. I'm - casey she said and smiled a little wiping her tears away

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