One of the worst parts about this situation was that he realized he's almost completely lost himself and he was no where to be found.


3. Chapter 3

"Lou, are you-" Harry said as he opened the bathroom door, only to see the lines of blood and cuts on his friend's left wrist as he held in his left hand a piece of glass. A small gasp escaped Louis' lips, as he looked up at Harry. There was only 3 fresh cuts, but there was a lot of blood. Louis' eyes widened along with Harry's, as he gently reached for his wrist, softly look at each cut, followed by old scars, he's never seen before. Louis was always wearing long sleeve shirts, or sweaters, and Harry never thought anything of it. Louis pulled his hand away, holding it behind his back,"Please don't tell." He whispered, tears brimming his eyes, as he tried desperately to keep his composure. Harry saw that his eyes were a bit red, filled with heart break, his voice drowning in fear and hurt. Louis bit his bottom lip to keep the tears from slipping, but he failed. A few tears slipped down his pale face. Harry stared at Louis, tears brimming his eyes as well, already blurring his vision. Louis sniffled, shaking his head, trying to swallow the huge knot in his throat. Louis started shaking a bit as Harry took his arms in his hands, looking down at the cuts, new and old. It became hard to breathe. "I'm sorry." Louis managed to squeeze out. Harry felt tears fall down his cheeks as well as Louis, before he pulled him into a hug. Completely letting himself go, Louis was a complete mess, crying into his shoulder. "I'm sorry you had to see, it was supposed to be a secret." Louis whispered between breaths, still not able to calm his cries. Harry shook his head,"It's okay, Louis, just calm down." He said, trying to stay strong for the both of them.  Harry pulled away from the hug, grabbing a hand towel. Before Louis could say anything, he started cleaning up the blood,"Louis, please don't do this to yourself." Harry said just above a whisper, his voice cracking slightly. "I'm sorry." Louis said once again. He didn't know what else to say, he was just sorry. Sorry for cutting, sorry for being this way, sorry for causing so much trouble, sorry for needing someone, sorry for living.  After placing a bandage over his cuts, Harry sniffled once more and looked at Louis. "Please, don't do this to yourself. It's not worth it. You're worth way more than what you're going through right now, please." He whispered, tears begging to fall. Harry pulled Louis into another hug, sniffling as Louis cried silently onto his shoulder. "I'm sorry."   Louis managed to swipe a piece of glass from somewhere around the facility. He was a very sneaky person, he has been since he was little. The reason he cut was for two simple reasons. One was because, of all this emotional pain he has, to forget about it, he gave himself physical pain. Two, because felt like it was his punishment. He felt like if he didn't, he wasn't being punished, and he thought he needed to be punished for being this way. A lot of people wouldn't understand this, but it made perfect sense to Louis. Louis felt guilty and worthless and scared. He didn't know what to do with himself. He just wanted to be happy. He didn't want to have to live like this anymore. It was hard to find the right words to explain how unhappy he was. One of the worst parts about this situation was that he realized he's almost completely lost himself and he was no where to be found.  
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