Tell Me Why(Louis and Zayn fanfic)

Janelle Austin is a straight A student at doncaster university. She is 19 years old. And most of her family hates her except for 3 out of 6 of her sisters. Her big brother hates her the most. Her big brother is Louis Tomlinson. He ,in her perspective, cares more about dirt than her.
*may contain sexual parts*


5. chp 4

Chp 4. Nelly's pov "I wanna take you home." I whisper in Zayns ear "You sure, I'm a bad boy." "Yes I am." I still haven't met his other mates yet but o well. We caught a cab and I told him the hotel. We have the same hotel so we are going to his and his mates room. Me and Zayn started to make out. I was rubbing his crotch at the same time. He moaned into the kiss, so I broke away and started smirking. "Tease," he grumbled. "Its my job." Then the car stopped and I got out. Zayn payed the man then came to me "Your not gonna get away that easy." He whispered ooo I'm so horny. Louis pov Surprisingly I'm not drunk. I don't wanna have a hangover when I'm going to see my mum tomorrow. "Where's Zayn?" I asked Liam "He said we was going back to the hotel. He had a girl." Hmm imma run in on him "Let's go." ****skip car ride.**** I heard Zayn and some girl making out. Time to get devious mwhahahaha Zayns pov The first couple of minutes we started to make out. "Zaynie booy can I meet your wittle fweind." Lou burst in saying I let out a loud groan so did Nelly. "No get your ass out." I said blocking her cuz she was half naked "No." "Louis William Tomlinson. Get your ass out of my room." "Ugh fine." He said slamming the door. When I turned around Nelly was getting dressed. "No n n n no. Where are you going?" "I can't have sex with you, but I really want to. But your my brothers mate. Even though he hates me I can't." She said wattt Nelly pov Uh no he has to ruin EVERYTHING. "You look confused." "Well I kind of am." "Okay so Louis is my older brother." "No he only has 5 sisters" "Nope he has 1 step sister 4 half sisters and 1 sister.' "Wat" "Before my dad left. Mi mum and dad had me. Lou mi mum 2 out of five sisters hate me." "Umm OK" "He even bullied me in schhol. Whenever I told mum, she said that I was lying. It hurts me so much that that I can't explain." "I used to cut. But my friend, and 3 of my sisters helped me." She said starting to cry. "Shh Shh. Everything is gonna be alright. A beautiful girl like you shouldn't, cry." "Thnx. I really want to get back at them but I don't know how. Actually I was looking for a 1NS tonight cause I got into a fight with my mum." "Its okay. Wait I no how you can get back at them." "How?" She asked. "Let's fake date for a couple of months. Show a lot of PDA." "I like that, let's say we have been dating for a while now. And that we meet on the internet." She said "I love it." "Can I meet the boys?" She asked of course. Nelly's pov I guess he never told the boys about me. Figures. Well I'm about to meet them wish me luck. Liam's pov Me Lou and hazza were watching Niall make this weird chicken imitation. Damn he drunk. When we heard a giggle. Niall turned around and blushed crimson. Which made the lads laugh. Zayn had a girl next to him. Well if you count hiding behind him next to him well yea. "Ello love I'm Liam. This is harry Lou and u guess u met Niall." I said politely "Hi." She said waving with her head down. "What's your name love." Harry asked "Ariana. But call me Nelly." She said looking up Lou pov "Ariana. But call me Nelly." I looked up with a shocked face. Zayn was going to bang my sister
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