Tell Me Why(Louis and Zayn fanfic)

Janelle Austin is a straight A student at doncaster university. She is 19 years old. And most of her family hates her except for 3 out of 6 of her sisters. Her big brother hates her the most. Her big brother is Louis Tomlinson. He ,in her perspective, cares more about dirt than her.
*may contain sexual parts*


4. Chp 3

Zayn's pov: "Sorry mum. Okay bye. Well tomorrow we are going to mi mum's house." Lou said. Ughhh tour is so stressful. I feel like having a one night stand to get my mind off of things. "Hey Lou you no any good clubs round here?" Harry said "Took the words out of my mouth" I exclaimed to hazza while high fiving him. "Yea there is one down the street called Level we should go." Lou said yesss "Well leggo get ready meet back here in about an hour?" Li asked after a couple yeses we took off to our rooms. I put on black skinny jeans and a red plaid shirt. I look good. And now hair. ***hour later*** Louis pov Everyone came out of the rooms at da same time we looked good. So we got a taxi and headed off 2 level. Nelly's pov Me and Justine are on our way to level. God it is crowded. "Go get a table imma get some drinks. I yelled to Justine over the music. She nodded and was off. "Hey Ry I didn't no u were working tonight." I told Ryan. My friend who is also the bartender "Yea Les is sick." "Oh. Umm two nipples." "Fight with your mom?" He asked "how did u no" "you always get a pink nipple as your first drink wen you fight with your mom. But never two." He says "oo Justine is here wit mehh." "Oh here you go tell her to call me," "will do lover boy." On my way towards the back I saw Justine with a guy. Already dayumm this girl moves fast. He had chocolate colored curls. And looked pretty fit if you ask me. Justine's pov: I see Nelly coming with 2 pink nipples. Of course her and her mom was fighting. Harry is pretty interesting "Here you go." Nellz said "Tank ya. Harry this is Aria, my BFF." "Ello Aria." "Heyzz. My name is Ariana Janelle, but you can call me Aria, Nelly, Ari, etc." "Cool." Harry said Nelly pov "Cool." Harry said then some guy came up talking to harry so I took it as my chance to ask Justine a question "Gonna take him home tonight babes" "I just met the guy" she said slapping me "Soooo, I came to drink. And if a guy wants to come home with me, he might." "Ur so perverted" "that and sarcasm is a my specialty." I said proudly Harry pov "Hey Hazz!" Zayn comes already tipsy while Zayn was talking random shit I was hearing bits and pieces of the girls convo "Ur so perverted" was the last thing I heard. "Soo are you?" Zayn asked "Wait what?" "Are you gonna introduce me?" "Oh yea sure. Hey umm this is Zayn my mate." "Hey Zayn." The girls said I couldn't help but notice how zayn and Nelly were having a sexual staring contest. Oo that means Zayn's gonna get it in. Zayns pov "Wanna dance" I whispered suductively into Nelly's ear "Of course bad boy." She whispered back sending Shivers down my spine. Dutty Love by Sean Kingston came on when we got to the dance floor and she was grinding on me. ******later that night****** We are all drunk by now then Nelly whispers in my ear. ******A/N****** Hey my phone isn't working so imma put up as much as I can write now. Hella bored
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