Tell Me Why(Louis and Zayn fanfic)

Janelle Austin is a straight A student at doncaster university. She is 19 years old. And most of her family hates her except for 3 out of 6 of her sisters. Her big brother hates her the most. Her big brother is Louis Tomlinson. He ,in her perspective, cares more about dirt than her.
*may contain sexual parts*


2. Chp 1

Ariana pov: I'm on my way home from school humming A Team by ed sheeran. My friends,(music) teachers, Lottie, Daisy, and Phoebe say I can sing. I don't believe them. Only they heard me sing, and only they care about me. Its okay I've came 2 accept it. I came home and there was people talking. Probably important people so I attempted to slip upstairs. "Ariana I would like you to meet someone" damn I've been caught. Simon's pov: I heard the door open and close. And someone creeping upstairs. "Umm who was that?" I asked Mrs. Tomlinson "O umm that is just my daughter, Ariana." "Oh I haven't met her have I, may I meet her?" "Oh sure. Ariana I would like you to meet someone" Nelly's (Ariana) pov: "Yes mother." I said politely as I possibly can. "This is Mr. Cowell head of your brother's record label." Great note the sarcasm" Hello Mr. Cowell, its a pleasure meeting you." At that moment I noticed all my other sisters sitting on a couch. Lottie is holding back a laugh. Probz noticed that I'm irritated "Hello Ariana call me Simon. As I was saying. I'm surprising the boys by getting them a hotel down the street, for when they come off of the tour. They don't know that they are done with the tour. They just think that they will be stopping here. I was wondering if you may host a dinner so we can tell them." Simon says (haha crack myself up) "Of course we would." Mum says uh oh Louis is coming. "Um excuse me," I said interrupting their convo "Yes Ariana ?" "May I go do my homework?" "Oh yes you may." Yess out of that hell hole "May I go with her?" I heard someone ask probz Lottie. Lottie's pov Yess I got out of that hell hole. Haha thats probz wat Nelly said. We are so mush a like, but I keep it bottled up when needed
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