Tell Me Why(Louis and Zayn fanfic)

Janelle Austin is a straight A student at doncaster university. She is 19 years old. And most of her family hates her except for 3 out of 6 of her sisters. Her big brother hates her the most. Her big brother is Louis Tomlinson. He ,in her perspective, cares more about dirt than her.
*may contain sexual parts*


3. ch 2

Hey guise. Just wanted to say thnx 4 reading umm working on da next chapter now. ********************************************* Nelly pov "Sup Nellz" Lottie said wen she walked into my room "U escaped that hell hole too? I asked jokingly. ***later that week*** Apparently Louis and his mates are coming 2day. Yayyy. Sarcasm intended. ****that afternoon** Lemme fill you in, my mom was preparing for Louis to come. A little overing it. So I just told her she should calm down so she will have energy for when Louis came. But she turned around and said something like you just want to make sure the house isn't perfect so he won't come home again and blah blah blah. So we are in the middle of fighting. "You know what, you're just jealous of your brother. His career his mates everything." O hell no "I couldn't care less about his career or his fucking mates. I have the best mates to me. At least THEY don't treat me like SHIT how my OWN MUM does." I yelled at her "OO I treat YOU like SHIT?" "FUCK YEA YOUUUU DO," "Watch your damn language you daughter of a bitch." "Hell I AM!!!" I screamed at her "Your sisters are UPSTAIRS sleep." She whisper yelled "ugh!" I ran upstairs grabbed an outfit for tomorrow, a dress, my phone, charger, heels, converse, pjs and car keys and snuck out the window. Fuck it I'm going to get a hotel. Go to a club. And hopefully have a one night stand.
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