cute 1D imagines

short imagines for random or requests


4. Story or my second omegle friend (Yanibell)



"Im Hungry!" Keila whined, we have been shopping all day and we haven't had supper yet.

"Same here, where are we gonna go?" I looked around to find the nearest restaurant and I saw Nandos, petrus, and Cook house Joe.


"Uh, well I see nandos?" I suggest. Im not a big fan of the others.

"YES LETS GO!" Yeilan dragged Keila and I to Nandos across the street.



"HOLY HELL ITS ONE DIRECTION!" Yeilan screamed and pushed past the Nandos staff to greet her idols. one direction is all she ever talks about, but I have no interest in their music. Neither does keila.


I rushed over to my friend and tried pulling her off of Harry styles, who seemed to enjoy the attention.

"I am SO SORRY that this happened, she is normally more civilized in public. My apologizes."I said, trying not to make them mad. 

"It's quite all right love, What's your name?" I was struck with confusion. Since when do celebrities that are famous world wide want to know MY NAME?

"Yanibelle." I said softly, takening in their presence.


"And I'm Keila!" My other friend popped out from behind me, oblivious to the 5 star celebrities and treating them like people off the street. But how?


"Nice to meet you ladies, you, uh want to come over and hang out later? You seem pretty cool."


"Of course, there wont be paparazzi will there?"


"Not if we avoid them."


"We'll be there."


*************************************** 4 Years later.********************************


"So this one time, Sophia thought that she was a giraffe and started eating leaves off of the trees in my back yard." we all broke into laughter, even Sophia was giggling.


"Liam! I thought you promised to keep that a secret!"She continued to giggle.


"Uh, excuse me a minute, i have to use the Loo..." , Lou and Eleanor got up from their seats and let me slide out of the corner booth. I had a bit of trouble because I might not be a tooth pick, but i made it out and rushed to the bathroom, embarrassed. I washed my hands, and splashed my face a bit, tryng to get rid of the red tint on my cheeks. I just made a complete fool of myself infront of my boyfriend, Niall. PLUS Keila and Yeilan, AND their boyfriends Zayn and Harry. AND Liam and Sophia, AND Louis and Eleanor. FUCK MY LIFE! I finally calmed down a bit and made my way back to the table, before I turned around the corner to see the group, I waited and listened. They were talking about me. NIALL is talking about me. This has got to be good. Tonight, we all made fun of our partners and I can't wait to hear what Niall has to say.


"well, I think that Yanabelle needs to loose a few pounds, and I right? She had such a struggle getting out of the booth and Im not even sure if there is a size past XXL for her?" Everyone laughed. Does he really think I look fat? I mean, come on! I am only a medium and sometimes large! I confidently walk back to the table and act like I didn't hear anything.


"My turn?" I ask eagerly. Liam nods and I get ready to leave. "Lets see, Niall is such a back stabbing boyfriend who talks about me behind my back. Am I right? He needs to learn some respect." I dryly laugh and run out of the restaurant and take a cab back to Niall and I's flat, throwing a blanket and pillow on the couch for him and lock myself in our room. A few minutes later I hear the front door slam and someone knocking on our bedroom door.


"Princess, what was that all about? Open up." he tried reasoning.


"Ill open up when you can accept me for who I am!" I shout back, I hate getting into fights with him. All I can see is him on the other side of the door, with teary eyes, just wanting to cuddle with me and make it all better.


"Please?" I finally break and open the door for him, and he engulfs me in a horan hug."I am so sorry for what I said back there, I was just trying to fit in and make fun of my girlfriend like everyone else was doing but I didn't think of how it would affect you. I love you so much princess and words cannot explain how broken it made me feel when you ran out. I love you too much to let you go, please don't believe what I said before, you look beautiful and nothing can ever change that."


"I love you too Niall,  I'm sorry for what I said too."


"Dont be sorry, I deserved it." He looked me in the eyes and slowly leaned in for a kiss. Tha kiss had sparks flying everywhere, fire works n the back round and made my whole world spin! I hope we can stay like this forever


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