cute 1D imagines

short imagines for random or requests


3. For my omegal Friend Tyler (BTW she is a girl)

Meeting him:


Tyler POV


Today Keira, Morgan and i were headed to a meet and greet with my favourite people, ONE DIRECTION! i whore skinny jeans, a one direction T and my blue Niall sweater over top.


We arrive at the place and it as packed with screaming girls and the odd guy. we were standing in line talking while we over herd a couple of carrots "OMGEEE, neill is sooo uglee" this made me angry, they didnt deserve those 1D T-Shirts.


"Dayumm bitch you need to go to the eye doctor." she looked at me in disgust "Omg vas' happening with your face" i ignored her and just pushed past her and she dint like that. she desided to swing at me and i just ducked.


"WHAT THE FUCK YOU CRAZY BITCH" Keira shouted. We ran out of the line because her friends and her decided to chase us. 


We ran all over and finally just hid under a table. 


"umm there is a line" someone said an i just relized it was LOUIS FREAKING TOMLINSON!!!


"Well..uhh..i..uhh..we were being chased an we kinda ran under a table.." i trailed off. Niall looked under the table. oh my goodness how delicious he really was in person.


sorry i need some water ;P


He smiled "Might as well grab a chair."  


OMG!!! Niall offered his and and he helped me out from under the table. The other girls laughed at us, it was kinda embarresing, but i didn't care NIALL FREAKING HORAN IS HOLDING MY HAND! 


the boys had Paul go get three extra chairs, "Paul can i have hug?" Morgan asked. Paul is amaZAYN hahaha. (sorry couldn't resist).


we sat down at the end of the table, i sat beside niall. 


Niall wasnt paying attention and sent a small post my way, because i was in a geat mood i signed 'Darth Vader'  life was complete and the girl who owned the poster just laughed.


"what are you doing?" Niall laughed.


"I Dont know, you passed it to me so i signed it." we both laughed.


A couple of hours went by and we all got along with the boys, they were all really nice. 


"So whats your name?" Harry asked.


"Tyler, and this is Keira and Morgan."


"Well tyler, you seem like a lot of fun, we should hang out sometime."


"yeah, i would like that a lot"






Tyler POV 


Me and niall have been going strong for 1 year now. Everything has been fine, well until his album recording schedule has him frustrated.


He has been really distant, i try to help but he tells me everything is fine and that he is okay. I thought that tonight I could help get him mid off things and we could just relax, so I cooked him supper and he was supposed to be home 3 hours ago. He told me he would be on time tonight, seeing that he always has to work late or he goes out with the guys. But he promised that he would be here tonight. I sit on the couch, tapping my foot and waiting for him return. Just then, I hear the door creak and footsteps heading to the hallway.


"Where have you been?" I ask, worried that he might have gotten mobbed and that's why he is late.


"Out." He replied, bluntly.


"Thanks tips."I dryly laugh, "I mean, why  weren't you home? I have been waiting for you all night!"


"I went to the pub, we were watching the game. Stop being so god damn needy." that hurt, he never talks to me like that.


"Sorry, i was just asking.." i trailed off.


I quuickly changed the subject, "I made dinner, its cold now but i can reheat it and we can relax for the rest of the evening?" i question


"The boys and i already ate, im going to bed." he say and gets up.


"What's wrong with you?" he stops dead in his tracks.


"Nothing ok! Now i Just want some damn peace!!" he shouts at me.


"Fine have your peace, have a nice night Niall" I grabbed my purse and was about the walk out the door, but then he grabbed my wrist.


"Please don't leave, I'm sorry. I am just really stressed out and i never wanted to hurt you."


I give him a sympathetic stare, "Niall why wouldn't you tell me, I could have helped you, you know." 


"I don't know, I just had a lot on my mind and hurting you was the thing i wanted to do."


He pulled me into a hug "I love you princess" he whispered into my ear. 


"I love you too, Ni"


We spent spent the rest of the night cuddled in each others arms on the couch watching movies.


I love him so much





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