cute 1D imagines

short imagines for random or requests


2. For lilyrocks123

Niall POV    (niall meets lily


"Good night everybody what a great crowd!!" Zayn shouted through his mic.


We got off stage and Paul came running towards us "you aren't quite done yet boys there is still more to do"


"like what?" i questioned.


"you have to greet the VIP guests and hangout with them for a while"


"ok we still got energy"


```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` VIP lounge``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````


We got in the room and there was only one guest....she was the most beautiful girl i had ever seen with the bluest eyes you would ever see!


"well hello im niall, this is liam zayn..."


"i know who you guys are, i mean who doesnt ... by the way im lily." she interrupted.


we all just laughed. We watched a couple of movies and because she was 19 we played shots. we had lots of fun.


i was really liking this girl. she was lots of fun to be around and we had alot in common.


"well l had lots of fun lily, and i was wondering if maybe you would like to go on a date with me?"


"oh my niall of course"


"Ok well why dont you meet me across at the restaurant tomorrow."


"ok sounds great!"







~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1YEAR LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Lily POV         (proposal)


Niall had seem very weird lately. maybe ill call him.


"hey niall whats up"


"uhh cant talk right now lily got some stuff to do with the band but uhh ill uhh be home in an hour why dont you go shopping for a bit of go out?"


"umm yeah Ni sure"


"ok babe just text me when you leave, Love you"


"yeah love you to baby"



then he hung up the phone.


what was going on with him. he seemed so unfocused. Maybe he is seeing another girl, maybe he is gonna break up with me......No stop Lily he is probably busy with work, go out have fun and just let loose.


Niall POV



"GUYS GOT HER OUT OF THE HOUSE W CAN GO SET UP" i shout to the boys as i leave.


we arrive at mine and lilys flat and set up everything. i want this moment to be perfect.


I sat and i waited after everyone left and waited.


An hour went by as i sat there playing with the diamond ring in my pocket, then I heard the door open.


"Niall your home" as came to me an hugged me.


She let go and turned around. I wrapped my arms around her waist. 


i saw tears falling from her face as she saw the candle lit dinner and rose peddles everywhere


"Niall what's this for" as she turns around as i bend down on one knee.


Lily's POV


Eveything was beautiful with lighten  candles eveywhere and a fancy dinner on the table.


i turn around to see him on one knee.


"Lily i never thought i would find someone that is right for me. When i very first saw i thought you were another fan to adore and i thought that was great but then when i got to know you i thought you were amazing. I love you lily, Will you do me the honer of marrying me and being my princess forever"


"niall YES I WILL MAY YOU!!" i say as i jump into his arms as he gets up, he kisses me with tons of passion,he was happy.


He slipped the diamond ring on my finger. "So shall we eat" i ask.


"well we can eat any day i had something else i mind" he winks, i just giggled as he picks me up and carrys me to the bedroom.



You know what happens next ;)




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