cute 1D imagines

short imagines for random or requests


1. For all the 1D lovers with the name aly (niall)


After a long day at work and a big fight i had with niall i am completely tried.


i walked in the door "Niall, Ni are you home"


"yeah darlin im in the bedroom"


i walked to the end of the hall and tried to open the bedroom door bedroom door but it was locked.


"niall the door is locked can you unlock it please"


"no not yet can you wait please" he said pleasantly.


"umm ok"


i put my bak to the door and slid down it and brought my nee's to my chest. i was so scared on what was going to happen to us

i really loved him and i wanted the distance and the tension to go away...




today was our 1 year anivercery. "morning niall" i said as i walked over to him as he walked out of the bedroom.shirtless.this boy was delicious  and he was mine ;)


"morning babe" he replied  as i wrapper my arms around his neck and kissed him softly.


he pulled away and smiled " someone is in a good mood" 


"well why wouldn't i be. you do remeber what today is right?" i said as i took a step back.


"like anyother day, aren't i correct?"  "typical" i snapped and walked away.


"aly what did i forget" "Really Niall. we have been discussing this for weeks and you wanna tell me you forget."


"Aly..."he trails off. "wait! Its our aniversery" he shouts.


"hmmp glad you remeber" i say as i walk toward him. "its not that big of a deal, you didn have to get all huffy about it"


"Excuse me! 1 year of being together isnt a big deal!!!???" "aly i didnt mean it that way"


"really niall then what did you mean"


"i meant that you dont have to be bothered by every mistake i make!!! "thank you niall for showing me that i am a nagging bitch!""Aly i didnt say that!"


"no but you mean't it!!"i walked out the door and slammed it shut.




i had tears running down my face. "niall can i come in yet" i chocked.i stood up and he opened the door. "Aly why are you crying'" he said to me ah he pulled me into a hug.


"i dont want us to be over Ni i want to be with you and im sorry for this morning i shouldnt of snapped at you i.." he cut me off with a sweet and tender kiss.


"i never wanted this morning to happen like this either so im willing to forget it if you are. and im sorry i forgot i love you with all my heart and i couldnt bear the pain if you were gone.." he trailed off.


"all is forgotten and forgiven niall i love you to"  he kissed me again and led me into the bedroom.... you know what happens next




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