Life Is Not Allways Fair

Lilly Finds Harry in her house, They Become Best Friends and Harry Has More Feelings to Her then She do's. Will Lilly Be His Or Not.


1. Why


I was at my house, Reading a book in my room. I thought I could hear someone at my door. My heart starts to beat faster not knowing what’s there.  I slowly open the door and there was this tall cute guy there, my heart was beating so hard you can feel the beats from the ground. I was leaning on the door and it opened all the way and I fell.  I looked up and there was that guy sitting down beside me. “Are You Ok?” He said With A smile.  I quickly went to my feet. “I’m ok.” I said quietly. I looked down to the floor “why are you here?” I said, He Started to go closer to me. “I don’t know I ran away because Of my parents.” He said in a sad way. “By the why I’m Harry Styles.”  OMG its Harry Styles from school, BTW I have a sort of a crush on him. “Hi I’m Lilly Sidney; I go to your school. You know the gossip of the Girl Nerd.


“Well I better be going. Sorry for bothering you."  Wow, Dumb move bro. You Said you need to go, when you want to stay because she somewhat Addicting. I started to walk outside to go. "Wait, Do you have some were to sleep? It’s getting late." I should just say yes but I said no. She Lead me to a room that was just pretty, it had a white Decorations and the walls were blue. You could tell she got fashion designer did this room. “Who did this room?”  “I did it harry.” She Said Looking at it thing in the room. I think my mouth was open so I put my hand on my chin. "I will leave you alone; I will be in my room, the room next to the left." Lilly said when she was leaving the room. I looked around at it more and walked over to the bed. There was a vase with red roses on the night stand. I jumped on the bed hurting my back a little bit. My thoughts just kept going through my head.  I looked at the clock it said “5:30” Well I need to eat so let’s ask Lilly. I Went to her room and knocked on her door. “Lilly, I’m hungry. Where’s the kitchen?" She just looked at me but she had a smirk on her face. What is she going to do

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