School Cruel

A boy who got bullied a lot and he decided to commit suicide


2. First New Friend

(Guy) well my name is Hunter your Jackson right?

yeah "Said Jackson"

(Hunter) well we should hang out and stuff next week

okay well your my first friend i've ever had here "Said Jackson" 

(Hunter) your my first friend here too 

nice well talk to you later i have to go back to the class "Said Jackson"

"Walks back to class" 

(30 minutes later...)

(Bell ring for lunch)

Jacksons POV

wile i was getting lunch i payed for it and i was trying to find a seat but no one accepts me..

than i found a lonely table with no one there i went over there and started sitting Hunter came over and said "Hey"

i said it back than i said lets finish our lunch he said "Okay"  After that i said After school you should come over to my house

Than Hunter said "Thats Fine With Me"

(Girl walks over and pours her lunch one me) 

"Agghhhhh" why the heck did you do that

(Girl) Cause your a bitch and a smelly ass bitch!

(Hunter) Thats not nice !

(Girl) hmp.. " walks away" 

me and Hunter went to the restroom Hunter helped me wash off the things that the girl poured on me.





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