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Hi, my name is Holly. I live in mullingar Ireland. But I'm moving with my bestfriend Niall to London. Hes part of this big boy band called One Direction. I hope everything will go just fine.


29. what is the baby?

Harry's pov

I woke Holly up on the morning of a very special appointment. her tummy was getting bigger and I was very excited. today was the day where we found out if we were having a little girl or boy. she looked up at me and smiled.

'you excited?' she asked as I nodded before pulling her up. she got ready and we made our way to the hospital. when we were there she looked around at all of the other couples. they looked so prepared and they were all older than we were. I was twenty and Holly was too but they were like mid-twenties.

they were looking at us a little weirdly and I could see that Holly felt uncomfortable with it. I squeezed her hand to let her know that we were fine. we were sitting there for a few minutes before we were called in.

we went through the usual things at the beginning of the appointment and then it was time to see our baby. I held Holly's hand while we watched the monitor. when the baby appeared I smiled at the screen, waiting for the doctor to say what the gender was.

'alright, it's....... a boy.' the doctor said as a smile spread across my face. it was the biggest smile ever. I looked down at Holly who was crying. I was a little confused until I noticed the smile on her face. she was happy.

I reached down to her face and wiped her tears away. she looked up at me and smiled even wider. after the appointment we got everything together and walked out of the building and to the car. 'a boy, we're having a son.' I said happily after we got into the car. she smiled at me and nodded.

'what do you want to name him?' I asked as she sat there and thought a moment.

'I like Edward Joseph Styles. what about you?' she asked as I smiled.

'your name is perfect. Edward Joseph Styles.' I said while rubbing her stomach. she smiled and placed her hand on mine.

when we got back to the house, everyone was sitting in the living room waiting to hear. 'we have some news on the baby.' Holly said while they nodded for us to continue.

'it's healthy.' she said. I caught right on to what she was doing.

'well that's good, anything else?' Erin asked as I nodded.

'it's growing normally.' I said as they all rolled their eyes.

'get on with it Styles. boy or girl?' Louis asked rather sassily.

'you hear this Edward? you hear the way your god-father speaks to me?' I asked while I knelt down to look at Holly's stomach.

'well if you would just- wait did you say god-father?' Louis asked while Harry nodded.

'more importantly, did you say Edward? as in a boy?' Erin asked as I nodded.

'man, I'm getting a nephew. uncle Louis and his partner in crime Edward. I like the sound of that.' Louis said as Holly's eyes widened.

'I don't think so Lou, my baby is not taking part in your crazy antics.' Holly said as Louis pouted and rubbed her stomach.

'what mum doesn't know wont hurt her.' he said before running off.

'Louis! I mean it! don't try me!' she yelled after him as I chuckled and wrapped my arms around her and rested my head on her shoulder.

'just relax babe, he's only messing about and stress isn't good for you.' I said as she smiled.

'alright, I should go check out the competition online and you do what we discussed in the car.' she said while kissing my cheek and going to our room.

'Erin, a word please?' I asked while she nodded and followed me into the kitchen.

'what's up Haz?' she asked as I smiled.

'well, I was thinking, well Holly and I were thinking that maybe you would like to be the god-mother.' I said while a smile spread across her face. she hugged me and nodded before  I went up to see my beautiful girl.

(A/N well, I was thinking and I wanted to add two new characters. one will be Harry's ex and the other will be Niall's girlfriend. so if you want to be either one just comment your name-hair color- eye color- who you want to be- and I will pick. please comment so I have options. I'll choose on June 14th but if I have no comments I'll just make them up. thank you so much for reading.)

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