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Hi, my name is Holly. I live in mullingar Ireland. But I'm moving with my bestfriend Niall to London. Hes part of this big boy band called One Direction. I hope everything will go just fine.


24. what is he up to?

Holly's pov

'Holly, you have to get up love.' Harry said as he lightly shook me.

'Harry you aren't gonna get her up like that. you have to do this.' Niall said before shoving me off of my bed. I hit the floor before jumping up looking angry.

'Niall! you're dead.' I said as I ran after him. I jumped on his back and he fell to the floor. I pined his hands to the floor and he tried to get me off.

'no, I was helping Harry. he couldn't wake you up.' Niall said as I held his wrists tightly.

'don't ever push me out of bed again. got it?' I asked as he nodded. I let him go and he got up and ran out of my room as fast as his legs would take him. I turned to Harry who was laughing at the way I tackled Niall.

'why'd you have him wake me up? I want to sleep.' I whined as he smiled.

'Simon called and wanted me to get you up. he needs you in the studio to start  with your album.' he said as I sighed and sat on the bed.

'please Harry, I don't want to go.' I whined as he laughed and went over to the closet. he got me comfy clothes before coming over to me. he set the clothes beside me and placed his hands on either side of my body and leaned close to me.

'go to work. do what you need to. then we can relax tonight. our first date is tonight and its gonna be amazing.' he said as he spread kisses all over my face. I smiled and grabbed  my clothes before getting ready.

when I was about ready to go I had to search for my keys. 'babe, where's the moped keys?' I asked as he grabbed them off of the dresser and tossed them to me. I smiled before leaving.

when I got there I was told to meet Simon in his office. I made my way there and knocked on his door. 'come in.' he said as I slowly opened the door.

I walked in and took a seat. 'we need to talk about your career. where we are about to start working on your first album, it's time to get serious about it. we are going to be starting writing next week on Monday.  I will email you the work schedule tonight. just be sure that you are ready because this line of work is difficult and you must be ready.' he said as I nodded.

'alright, that's all. don't forget to check your email.' he said as I nodded before leaving. I decided to go to the gym before heading home.

I walked into the gym and did a normal girl work out. that was until I heard something hitting something in the back through a set of doors. naturally, I'm curious so I went to have a look. I walked through the doors and saw a boxing area. 'are you lost?' a male asked from behind me. I spun around and shook my head.

'just curious is all. it looks interesting.' I said as I turned and watched all of the guys training.

'you want to have a go?' he asked as I looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

'I'm a trainer. I could give you some free lessons if you'd like.' he said as I smiled.

'what's your name?' I asked as he smiled.

'Tyler, yours?' I asked as I smiled.

'Holly.' I said as I held my hand out. he took it in his and shook it.

'you ready to get training?' he asked as I nodded. he pulled me into a separate room and I tilted my head.

'you have to start here before you get out there.' he said as I nodded. he handed me a jump rope and grabbed one himself. we began to train and it was hard work.

'alright, be back tomorrow? we can get out there and work on punching.' he said as I nodded and smiled.

'two o'clock. see you here.' I said before leaving. I got home and was so tired, and sore.

'hey babe, where have you been?' Harry asked as he kissed me.

'the gym. babe I am so sore right now.' I said as he smiled.

'go take a cold shower and then I can help you a little.' he said as I nodded and made my way up stairs.

when I was finished I walked out and into mine and Harry's bedroom. I was still kind of sore and Harry could tell. 'come on babe, come lay down, I'll rub your back for you.' he said as I did as he said. he rubbed my back for a bit and I felt so much better.

'thank you.' I said as he smiled after he finished. he smiled as I continued to lay there. I did not want to get up at all.

'babe, you have to get up and get ready. we have our first date tonight.' he said as I put a pillow over my head.

'you don't want to go out on a date with me?' he pouted and I felt bad.

'no, no, I'll go get ready. I'm sorry.' I said as I jumped out of bed to go get ready. he smiled at me as I rushed around the room.

'I knew that would get you up.' he said as I stopped and looked at him.

'not cool.' I said as he laughed and walked over to the closet where I stood. he grabbed his clothes and kissed me before going to leave.

'I'll meet you downstairs in an hour.' he said before leaving me to get ready.

'HOLLY!' Louis yelled as he ran into my room.

'yes Lou, what is it?' I asked as he smiled.

'I know what Harry is planning tonight, so you have to let me help you get ready.' he said happily.

'what is he up to?' I asked as Lou smiled.

'you'll see. but let me help you get ready. here, put this on.' he said while handing me the only dress I owned.

'but Lou I don't want to wear a dress.' I whined as he raised an eyebrow at me.

'don't you talk back to me. go get ready.' he said as he pushed me into the bathroom. I showered and then put the dress on. I walked back to where Louis had pulled out all of my shoes.

'flats, sneakers, and sandals. is that all you own?' he asked as I nodded. he looked up and saw me in the pale blue dress with a sweetheart neckline. it stopped right above my knee and fit perfectly.

'wow.' he said as he stared a little.

'don't stare, I am taken.' I said as he smiled.

'wait here.' he said as he ran out of the room. it was a couple of minutes before he came back with a pair of silver heels.

'here, these are Eleanor's but she's away for the month. so you can use them.' he said as he handed me the shoes. I looked at them skeptically. I have never worn heels before.

'come on, put them on and then I will leave you to finish.' he said as I sat at my make up table and put the shoes on. he smiled and left me to do my hair and makeup.

when I was finished I stood up and began towards the door. I stumbled a little bit, but I was doing good for a first time heel  wearer. I slowly made my way into the living room and saw Harry standing there in a nice suit. he smiled when he saw me and his dimples popped out.

'I got you these, I was told Lilacs are special to you.' he said as he handed me a bunch of Lilacs. I smiled and hugged him as he stepped back and looked me over.

'you look stunning.' he said as I smiled. he held his hand out for me to take and I gladly excepted it.  we began to walk towards the door and I stumbled a bit.

'first time in those shoes?' he asked as I nodded.

'Louis made you wear them?' he asked again.

'yeah.' I said as he stopped me from walking. he had me sit on a chair in the hall as he went to go get something. he came back holding a pair of my silver flats. he knelt in front of me and removed the heels. I started laughing as he placed the flats onto my feet. he pulled me up and we left the house.

he brought me to a lake that had a dinner table set up. he pulled my seat out for me and I sat down. Liam and Erin walked over to us with plates. I smiled and thanked them before looking at what was in the plates. spaghetti. I smiled and looked up at Harry.

'Niall told me you use to make this with your uncle.' he said as I smiled. he was so sweet. we began to eat and talk, it was perfect.

then Niall came out with a portable radio and played Wanted by Hunter Hayes. I loved this song.

'dance with me?' Harry asked as I nodded. he took my hand and pulled me out of my seat. I wrapped my arms around his neck and his went around my waist.

'you know I'd fall apart without you. I don't know how you do what you do. cause everything that don't make sense about me, makes sense when I'm with you. like everything that's green girl I need you. but it's more than one and one makes two. put aside the math and the logic of it, you gotta know you're wanted too. 'cos I wanna wrap you up, wanna kiss your lips. I wanna make you feel wanted. and I wanna call you mine wanna hold your hand forever never let you forget it. yeah  I wanna make you feel wanted.' we danced to the song and when it was over I backed away a little.

there has only ever been one person who has done this for me and the lake area only brought back terrible and great memories. Harry smiled at me but a tear slipped and I quickly wiped it away. I took off running. I didn't want to leave him there but I didn't want to cry in front of them.

'Holly! please wait!' Harry yelled as he ran after me. I found a park bench and sat there. I covered my face with my hands. I felt hands on my knees but didn't move my hands. he pulled them away and looked me in the eyes.

'talk to me.' he said but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm not good with sharing what was on my mind. he was knelt right in front of me and was searching for answers.

'is she alright mate?' Niall asked from behind me. he shook his head and politely asked Niall to go away so he could talk to me.

'you need to let me in. I can't be there for you if you won't let me in.' he said as I looked down.

'I-I can't. I was never able to talk to anyone except for Niall, Lenny, and my uncle. I'm sorry.' I said as he took my hands into his.

'why can't you talk to me?' he asked as I looked down and didn't answer. he was frustrated. I could see it. he got up and stormed off and soon after, Niall walked over and joined me.

'I didn't want him to have a date like this. I tried to warn him. but you can't hang onto Jason forever.' Niall said as I nodded. I rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes.

'it was my fault. I called him to come over, I broke up with him that night, I got him angry, and it was my fault that he got into that car accident and isn't here anymore.' I said as Niall shook his head and looked at me.

'no, it's not your fault. you couldn't have known.' he said as he wiped the tears away. we went home after that. I ruined the evening.

Harry and I walked into our room and got ready for bed. he got into bed with his back towards me. I was sat up and I brought my knees to my chest.

'are you mad at me?' I asked but got no answer. I sighed and took my glasses off.

'I'll just go stay in Niall's room.' I said but before I could get up, Harry pulled me so that I was laying under him.

'I need you to be able to talk to me. to trust me.' he said as he looked into my eyes.

'from now on. I promise Harry.' I said as he smiled and kissed me.

Erin's pov

Liam had just came back and joined me in my room after helping Harry out. 'how did it go?' I asked as he looked down.

'it started out great, then she cried and ran off.'  he said as my eyes widened.

'she cried? aww poor Haz, poor Holly.' I said as he nodded before laying down and pulling me with him.

'I'm sure they'll be fine. don't worry about them. just get some sleep.' he said before kissing me and we went to sleep.

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